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Ultradent Products, Inc. Proudly Introduces Endo-Eze® EVOS™ Endodontic Motor, Endo-Eze® EVOS™ Contra-Angle, and Endo-Eze® Genius™ Files

September 22, 2015 South Jordan, UT

​Ultradent Products Inc. proudly introduces the Endo-Eze EVOS endodontic motor, the Endo-Eze EVOS 8:1 contra-angle, and the Endo-Eze Genius reciprocation and rotary files.   

Clinicians no longer have to choose between the safety of reciprocation and the efficiency of rotary, thanks to the Endo-Eze EVOS (Endodontic Variable Operating System) motor, which allows for easy movement between the two modes. The EVOS motor is an electric, motor-driven handpiece intended for root canal preparation procedures in the endodontic field. The device consists of a control unit, featuring an LCD screen with a selection of settings. The unit includes a foot pedal, allowing the clinicians to selectively activate/deactivate the motor at will. Pre-programmed for the Genius files, the EVOS motor helps minimize the risk of file separation (in reciprocation mode) while shaping and removing debris efficiently (in rotation mode) — seamlessly meeting the need for safety and efficiency.

The Endo-Eze EVOS contra-angle is an 8:1 reduction, stainless steel contra-angle intended for use during endodontic treatment. The EVOS contra-angle can rotate in both rotary and reciprocation mode, depending on the motor settings. The EVOS contra-angle can be used with the EVOS motor and Genius files, but is also compatible with other endodontic systems on the market.

Last, the Endo-Eze Genius files are designed for use in endodontic treatment for shaping and cleaning the root canal system. The working part of each Genius file consists of nickel-titanium alloy, heat-treated to increase flexibility while retaining strength in order to provide superior instrumentation. The Endo-Eze Genius files were designed specifically for use with the EVOS motor and can be used in both reciprocation and rotary mode.

To learn more about, or to purchase the Endo-Eze EVOS endodontic motor, the EVOS contra-angle, or the Genius files, please call 800.552.5512, or visit

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