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Ultradent Introduces New Options for Making Impressions

February 13, 2006 South Jordan, UT

With its newest additions, Clone Bite and Chromaclone PVS Super Light, Ultradent now offers a complete line of impression material solutions. Clone Bite is the optimal choice for bite registrations which require advanced handling capabilities and detailed impressions. As a super hydrophilic polyvinylsiloxane material with a unique branched-resin chemistry, Chromaclone PVS Super Light has the capability to outperform other PVS materials in a wet field. 

Clone Bite is a thixotropic material designed to provide enough resistance for exact placement in the patient’s mouth without making it difficult for them to occlude. With a sixty second time in mouth, patients won’t experience the discomfort of keeping the material in place too long. Clone Bite offers a 95 Shore A hardness, however it’s flexible enough to easily trim mounting casts. It is available in a unique orange color for easier visual placement. Each kit contains two cartridges (50-ml each) and mixing tips. 

Chromaclone’s PVS Super Light material is the optimal choice for situations which require a controlled flow for easy and accurate syringing into a preparation. With super hydrophilic capabilities, Chromaclone Super Light tolerates moisture better than most other PVS materials while achieving the same precision as its Chromaclone counterparts. Chromaclone PVS Super Light is available in two setting times: Regular time in mouth (3:30 min) and Fast time in mouth (2:30), with a unique bubblegum flavor. Each kit contains two cartridges (50-ml each) with both mixing and intra-oral delivery tips. 

Clone Bite and Chromaclone PVS Super Light provide two advanced solutions for impressions which require specific performance capabilities. With these additions, Ultradent now offers a complete spectrum of impression material options. 

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