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Ultradent Adds New Cordless Prophy Handpiece

June 27, 2023 South Jordan, Utah

Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is announcing the addition of the Ultrapro™ Tx Cordless handpiece to its prestigious Ultrapro™ Tx prophylaxis family. Building on a legacy of providing innovative dental solutions, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece combines the power and reliability of corded devices with the convenience and freedom of a cordless one.

Designed to deliver comfort and efficiency, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece takes the strain out of prophy treatment with a lightweight and ergonomic structure, improving experience for both the clinician and patient.

The Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece combines high performance with extreme mobility and accessibility—featuring a robust output of up to 4,000 RPMs for efficient stain removal, without compromising enamel safety. Its open design is compatible with most disposable prophy angles, including Ultrapro™ Tx disposable prophy angles, like the Ultrapro™ Tx Sweep™ DPA.

Further enhancing its operability, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece comes equipped with a Bluetooth foot pedal, enabling the same control as a corded handpiece with no learning curve. Clinicians can also appreciate the handpiece's endurance—a single wireless charge ensures all-day operation. Ultradent's unwavering commitment to quality is embodied in the 2-year warranty accompanying the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece, providing added assurance to dental professionals.


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