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“The Epitome of Composite Art” presented by Ultradent Products, Inc.

February 23, 2009 South Jordan, UTu

Dr. Frank Milnar and Dr. Brian LeSage will present “The Epitome of Composite Art: Advanced Concepts in Shade Selection and Layering” on behalf of Ultradent Products, Inc. at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg on May 15, 2009. This intensive, hands-on course will present advanced techniques for creating morphologically correct composite restorations using ceramist principles. 

Clinicians experienced with complex bonding procedures will be able to reap the benefits of a course designed for the composite artist. The course offers instruction on the creative use of the artist’s “palette” to create three dimensional restorations with depth of color and realism. Attendees will leave as masters of a logical method for shade selection, including tints, opaquers, and layering techniques. Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive 8 Continuing Education Credit Hours. 

Dr. Frank Milnar graduated from the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry. Dr. Milnar maintains a full-time practice in St. Paul with an emphasis on appearance-related dentistry. Dr. Brian LeSage graduated from the University of Maryland, College of Dental Surgery. Dr. LeSage maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills, California with an emphasis on Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry. Both Dr. Milnar and Dr. LeSage are accredited members and board examiners for the AACD. 

To find out more about “The Epitome of Composite Art”, please contact us at 1-800-552-5512 or visit us at ​

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