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Reality Rates VALO with 5 Stars and a #1 Rating!

June 16, 2010 South Jordan, UT

Reality Esthetics, a publishing company with global recognition for dental industry ratings, announced its ranking of dental curing lights with Ultradent’s VALO taking 1st place! VALO received 5 stars for its clinical performance in Reality’s testing lab. 

VALO’s strengths were described as “small, lightweight, ergonomic and stylish” yet “tough, durable, and scratch-resistant”. A curing light that “cures all materials”, evaluators added that VALO has a “cool design, with power to spare, and smart electronics that don’t require a PhD in engineering to understand”. 

Considered the “bible of cosmetic dentistry”, Reality’s publications are viewed as an information resource with hands-on reviewer’s guides of tested products within the dental industry. Reality’s editorial team consists of clinicians and key educators who are considered leaders in their respective fields, which makes VALO’s 5 star, #1 rating as powerful as VALO itself! 

For more information on VALO, please visit or call Ultradent’s customer service line at 801-552-5512. ​

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