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New accelerant material greatly reduces set time of EndoREZ endodo

August 1, 2007 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc. announces the release of EndoREZ Accelerator, the first dental product that speeds the set time of an endodontic resin sealer, allowing the clinician to rapidly transition from endodontic treatment to post-endodontic restorative procedures minutes after completion of root canal therapy. The release of EndoREZ Accelerator makes EndoREZ the only self-priming, hydrophilic and biocompatible endodontic sealer system available with a fast-polymerizing accelerator component. 

As the newest addition to the groundbreaking family of EndoREZ-branded products, EndoREZ® Accelerator™ reduces the set time from 15 to 30 minutes to 4 to 6 minutes, on average. The reduction in time allows the clinician, assistants and patient to complete a comprehensive root canal/restorative appointment in a shorter period of time. Also, it can enable a clinician and patient to avoid a second recall appointment to finish restorative work. 

EndoREZ Accelerator is easy to administer when using EndoREZ. An accessory cone (preferably an EndoREZ point) is dipped in a single-use vial of EndoREZ Accelerator. The cone is then passively placed into a canal filled with EndoREZ sealer. The resin begins settings in seconds. EndoREZ Accelerator may only be used with EndoREZ sealer. Additionally, since the material is delivered passively using a dipped accessory cone as a carrier, EndoREZ Accelerator is not conducive to obturation methods involving thermal or lateral compaction. Also, internal testing from Ultradent shows no difference in microleakage of canals treated with EndoREZ and Accelerator. There is no concern for cytotoxicity or biological incompatibility. 

EndoREZ Accelerator is packaged in a 20-vial package, with two foil blister trays of 10 vials each. Each vial is intended for single-patient use. 

For more information about EndoREZ Accelerator or any of Ultradent’s endodontic products, please call Ultradent Products, Inc. at (800)552-5512, or visit us online at 

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