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Introducing ExperTemp™—A New Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

September 20, 2013 SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

Ultradent Products, Inc. introduces ExperTemp, a new temporary crown and bridge material that maintains both the function and esthetics of natural dentition. ExperTemp can also be used to fabricate inlays, onlays, and long-term temporaries that closely resemble the final restoration.

ExperTemp, a bis-acryl composite provisional material, is composed of a 10:1 self-cure chemistry, making it easy to work with, while providing exceptional strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. With minimal effort, ExperTemp trims and polishes beautifully. In addition to its high abrasion resistance and flexibility, it also features low oxygen inhibition at polymerization. ExperTemp fluoresces similarly to enamel and sets at approximately 40–100 seconds intraorally. It can be repaired with a packable composite, a flowable composite, or additional ExperTemp material.

ExperTemp is available in shades A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and Bleach White. All kits include one 50ml cartridge of ExperTemp and 15 Mixing tips.

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