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Endo-Eze® TiLOS™; A unique hybridization technology

November 24, 2009 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc. will be demonstrating a new Endodontic File System, TiLOS, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting later this week. Building on Ultradent's Anatomic Endodontic Technology (AET), TiLOS is a new hybrid system that incorporates both stainless steel and nickel titanium hand files as well as engine-driven stainless steel shaping files and nickel titanium apical files optimized for Ultradent’s 30° reciprocating handpiece to present a safe, effective and affordable instrumentation system. 

Ultradent developed the Endo-Eze TiLOS File System with the idea of bringing together the metal best suited for files in specific areas of the root canal using the safest and most effective mechanical movement. The system utilizes a cleaning and shaping hybridization technique, using the technology and speed of the biomechanical systems, while maximizing the intuitive, traditional nature of hand instrumentation. It reduces the influence of anatomical variations, pathological conditions and complications often experienced with other systems, such as ledging, zipping, canal transportation, unnecessary tooth structure removal and file separation. 

In addition to a broad range of hand files and engine-driven files, the TiLOS patient packs consist of three stainless-steel shaping files — purple, white and yellow — with the respective tip diameters of the active portion (.10, .13, .13 mm) and respective tapers (0.020, 0.030 and 0.040 mm/mm); two hand K-type stainless steel files, #15 and #20; and three NiTi transitional files with an active portion initial diameter of 0.25 mm and tapers of 0.08, 0.04, and 0.02. The TiLOS Files are sold in pre-configured patient packs, apical finishing packs and refill packs. 

To learn more about TiLOS, please attend the hands-on/lecture presentation by Dr Renato Leonardo at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, titled “Technological Resources and Biological Concepts In Minimally Invasive Endodontics” on Tuesday, 1 December, from 10–11 A.M. For more information, please contact Ultradent Products by visiting or call 1-800-552-5212. ​

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