For Immediate Release

Citric Acid 20% Solution

April 1, 2007 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc. announces the release of Citric Acid 20% solution, the highest strength citric acid on the market for endodontic use. Ultradent’s Citric Acid 20% is ideal for dissolving calcium hydroxide materials, such as UltraCal XS from a canal. 

Citric Acid 20% solution is a slightly viscous, water-soluble solution recommended as a cleanser and conditioner of prepared root canals. It cleans dentinal tubules and aids in the removal of smear layer material. It also acts as a mild chelating agent, softening dentinal walls for more efficient removal of sclerotic and necrotic tissue which in turn facilitates lubrication during instrumentation. 

Citric Acid 20% solution is tinted slightly orange for easy identification. Delivery of Citric Acid 20% is recommended with Ultradent’s NaviTip or NaviTip FX. 

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