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AAPD’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Foundation and Ultradent Partner

March 10, 2008 South Jordan, UT

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)’s foundation, Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, and Ultradent Products, Inc. partner to host the 2007-2009 Leadership Institute II at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a world recognized leader in graduate business education. The Leadership Institute was launched after the partnership originally formed in 2004. 

In 2004, Ultradent Products, Inc. endowed the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children foundation with a $1 million gift. The donation is being used to support the pediatric dentistry curriculum for AAPD members. The curriculum focuses on leadership programs which shape philosophical and operational foundations for current and future AAPD members. A few members of Ultradent’s executive management team are currently enrolled in the premier program. 

"Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children is proud to once again partner with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and Ultradent Products, Inc. to host the 2007-2009 Leadership Institute II,” said David K Curtis D.M.D., Chairman of the Leadership Institute Selection Committee. “It is truly a unique opportunity to partner with Ultradent. Ultradent is a wonderful company that is not only a world leader in the development and manufacturing of dental products but also a leader in their commitment to improving the oral health of our nation's children. The Leadership Institute is the first of its kind in the profession of dentistry. Its launch wouldn’t have been possible without the generous endowment of Ultradent. We are extremely grateful for their generous gift, but equally important, for the presence of their leading executives as participants in the Institute’s program to represent the “real world” of business." 

The Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children foundation and Ultradent share a passion for preventive oral health measures. Ultradent has invested in the Leadership Institute with the goal of continuing to serve those who serve children in their oral health needs. For more information, please visit the AAPD or Ultradent at 


About Ultradent Products, Inc. 
Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer of high-tech dental materials, devices and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s mission is to improve the level of dental healthcare and to make dental procedures more predictable and hassle-free. Consistent with its mission, Ultradent works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call (800) 552-5512 or visit 

About Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 
Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry was established in 1987 by the AAPD to support and promote service, education, research, and policy development that advance the oral health of infants and children through 
adolescence, including those with special health care needs. Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children assists postdoctoral students in pediatric dentistry, supports research and funds meaningful education programs that benefit both the profession and the public. ​

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