Oral Anesthetic Gel

Thank you for being a loyal Ultracare anesthetic gel customer. We are saddened to inform you that Ultracare gel has been permanently discontinued. We appreciate your years of support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the makeup of Ultracare anesthetic gel?

    20% benzocaine in a water-soluble glycol base.
  • Does Ultracare gel have an aftertaste?

    No. Ultracare anesthetic gel contains special flavoring and sweetening agents to create great-tasting flavors with no aftertaste.
  • How fast does it take for Ultracare gel to induce anesthesia?

    Ultracare gel can cause tissues to numb in as little as 10–30 seconds.
  • How long do the tissues stay numb?

    After an Ultracare anesthetic gel application, tissues will stay numb for 8–10 minutes.
  • Can Ultracare gel be injected into the tissues?

    No. Ultracare gel is a topical anesthetic only.