PermaShade™ LC

Light Cure Veneer Luting Resin

PermaShade LC light cure veneer luting resin is used exclusively for cementing veneers. Its ergonomic contra-angle syringe makes luting more convenient than other delivery methods. With enduring color stability, and low shrinkage, PermaShade LC luting resin is ideal for creating a long-lasting, esthetic veneer smile.

  • Unsurpassed low shade shift1
  • Can be used for porcelain, zirconia, composite, and other indirect veneers
  • Available in four VITA®2 shade options: Translucent, Opaque White, A2, and B1
  • Ergonomic contra-angle delivery aids in precise placement to small, delicate veneers
  • Medium viscosity keeps veneer from drifting once seated
  • Upon curing, low shrinkage stress prevents strain on the veneer3

Technical Details

Technical Data

Enamelast Uptake Graph
*With Peak Universal Bond adhesive.


Low Shade Shift

Independent university tests confirm PermaShade LC luting resin showed no perceptible shade shift after an accelerated age process.1 Light-cured resins tend to be more color stable due to the addition of non-aromatic aliphatic amines, which are resistant to oxidation. For PermaShade LC luting resin, ΔE shade shift is less than 3. (3 or higher is visible to the human eye.)

Contra-Angle Syringe

Designed to give added precision and convenience, PermaShade LC luting resin's unique syringe gives both ergonomic comfort and is perfect for use with smaller veneers.

Low Shrinkage

Enamelast Uptake Graph
Low shrinkage stress reduces strain on veneers at polymerization, minimizing the risk of post-cure breakage.3



Ergonomic Contra-Angle Syringe

​The unique and ergonomic contra-angle syringe allows for precise, controlled delivery. For optimal handling, bring PermaShade LC veneer luting resin to room temperature before use.


Porcelain Veneers Placed on 6–11





​Patient with four existing anterior composites and large diastema. Received six anterior A1 porcelain veneers (6–11) cemented with PermaShade LC veneer luting resin Translucent shade.

Veneers Placed on 7–10


Before. (Photo courtesy of J. Shea Bess, DDS)


After. (Photo courtesy of J. Shea Bess, DDS)

​Four veneers (710) were cemented using PermaShade LC veneer luting resin A2 shade.

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PermaShade LC Light Cure Veneer Luting Resin Step by Step

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

Clean preparation, rinse, and dry. (We recommend Consepsis Scrub CHX antibacterial solution and STARbrush intercoronal brush to clean and remove residual cement.) Verify prosthetic fit.

Step 2

Etch clean bonding surface of the veneer with Porcelain Etch for 90 seconds, rinse, and dry. Apply phosphoric acid (Ultra-Etch) for five seconds to remove porcelain salts and debris formed by hydrofluoric acid etching. Rinse and air dry.

Step 3

Apply a puddle coat of Silane to inside surface of prosthesis for one minute, dry, and set prosthesis aside. Do not rinse.

Step 4

Apply Ultra-Etch etchant to enamel and/or dentin for 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly for five seconds and leave damp.

Step 5

Apply a puddle coat of Peak Universal Bond adhesive with the Inspiral Brush tip. Gently agitate and coat surface for 10 seconds. Thin/dry for 10 seconds using full air pressure. Preparation should appear shiny.

Step 6

Light cure with VALO LED curing light for 10 seconds.

Step 7

Express a thin layer of PermaShade LC luting resin onto the inside bonding surface of the veneer. Carefully position and seat the veneer using gentle pressure. Tack cure for two seconds to avoid shifting.

Step 8

Clean the excess cement from margins and light cure with VALO curing light for 10 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what shades is PermaShade LC luting resin available?

    PermaShade LC luting resin is available in four VITA® shade options: Translucent, Opaque White, A2, and B1.

  • What is the viscosity of PermaShade LC luting resin?

    PermaShade LC luting resin has a medium viscosity.

  • How should PermaShade LC luting resin be stored?

    Refrigerate PermaShade LC luting resin when not in use. For optimal handling, bring PermaShade LC resin to room temperature at least 2 hours before cementation.

  • Can PermaShade LC luting resin be used to lute a crown?

    No. PermaShade LC luting resin is a light-cured material and a crown may be too opacious to allow for complete light curing through the prosthesis.

  • Approximately how many veneers can be cemented using one syringe of PermaShade LC luting resin?

    Depending on how liberal or sparing the clinician is, one syringe (.95g) can be used to lute between 17 to 21 veneers.

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