Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement offers the best of both worlds in a luting material: efficient delivery and unsurpassed performance. It is the world’s first liquid-powder RRGI cement that can be mixed and delivered through a syringe. Its advanced chemistry boasts the highest bond strengths in its category, while its unique SpeedMix syringe ensures the ultimate luting convenience.

UltraCem cement is also available in a traditional hand-mix bottle kit, an economical choice that gives clinicians control over amount of material used.

  • Highest bond strengths in its category1
  • Sustained fluoride release
  • Flexible structure is similar to tooth's natural makeup to reduce risk of breakage
  • Flowable viscosity and low film thickness won't compromise fit or occlusion
  • Ionic bonding to tooth structure
  • 1– to 3–minute working time, 5–minute set time
  • Radiopacity > 1mm aluminum

Technical Details

Highest Bond Strengths in its Category

Comparative Testing

UltraCem RRGI cement features a significantly higher bond strength than other quality luting cements in its category.​1

*Trademark of a company other than Ultradent.

SpeedMix Syringe

​Mixing has historically been the downside of liquid-powder RRGI cements, requiring additional appliances and time-consuming trituration. Now, the SpeedMix syringe effectively mixes and delivers a superior liquid-powder formula—in seconds and with no mess. It's faster than hand mixing, and gives you consistent mixing ratios every time. The unit-dose delivery ensures a low risk of contamination.

Sustained Fluoride Release

​The fluoride-releasing chemistry of UltraCem RRGI cement helps to minimize post-op sensitivity and provides caries-prone patients additional protection against decay.

Fluoride Release

*Trademark of a company other than Ultradent.

Available in a Hand-Mix Bottle Kit

​For clinicians who want more control over the viscosity of the cement and the amount of material used, UltraCem RRGI cement can also be purchased in a traditional hand-mix bottle kit.


Easy, Convenient Luting



​The SpeedMix syringe makes luting easy and convenient.

Customer Reviews


UltraCem Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement Step by Step

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

​Flick or tap barrel four times to fluff powder.

Step 2

​Press white stem completely into green stem in order to push liquid into powder chamber.

Step 3

​Leave metal rod in place; grasp plastic delivery/mixing tip and mix chemical 10 to 15 times vigorously back and forth.

Step 4

​Fully extend delivery/mixing tip.

Step 5

​Remove metal rod and discard.

Step 6

​Remove yellow clip and discard.

Step 7

​Express material into prosthesis.


“UltraCem is piece of cake to use. The white tip is pressed into the green plunger and then the entire tip is cycled in and out for about 15 times. Then the yellow clip is removed and the cement is ready for delivery. The powder liquid mixes very easily and quickly and doesn't spray around. Clean up is a breeze. This is a terrific material and is now my #1 glass ionomer cement in the office."

Dr. John Kanca – Middlebury, CT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use UltraCem cement for zirconia restorations?

    Yes. Apply Peak Universal Bond adhesive to the preparation using a scrubbing motion for 10 seconds. (No etchant is required.) Aggressively air thin until the surface appears dull and light cure for 10 seconds with VALO LED curing light. For best results, sandblast the inside of the zirconia prosthesis; clean with air/water spray, and dry.

  • Can I use a zirconia primer with UltraCem cement?

    Never use phosphoric acid to clean zirconia, as it will significantly reduce bond strengths. Do not use a zirconia primer with UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement.

  • What is the working time and set time of UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement?

    Working time is between 1-3 minutes. At about 3 minutes, UltraCem cement will start to cure and become more gel-like. This is the stage where removal of excess cement around the prep is the easiest.  UltraCem cement will be fully set in the mouth in 5 minutes. Note: UltraCem cement will set up less quickly on a mixing pad than in the mouth.

  • How does UltraCem cement achieve such high bond strengths compared to other RRGI Cements on the market?

    UltraCem cement’s formula contains polyacrylic acid, which is self-etching. Longer setting time is needed for it to effectively etch the tooth surface, thus yielding the higher bond strengths.

  • How many crowns can be cemented with one SpeedMix Syringe?

    ​One unit-dose syringe can cement up to two crowns.