Endo-Eze™ Hand Files and Burs

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Product Details

​​Endo-Eze hand files are created using a state-of-art alloy treatment, giving them the flexibility to negotiate curvatures in the canal and the resistance required to advance until the apical third. Each file features an ergonomic handle to give better tactile feedback and to reduce hand fatigue.

  • ISO standard colors, diameters, lengths, and tapers
  • Stainless steel or nickel-titanium construction
  • Ergonomic handles

Stainless Steel K-Files

  • Balanced flexibility and resistance
  • 60º angle non-cutting tip for effortless file penetration
  • Spiral design with four cutting edges (square cross section)

NiTi K-Files​

  • Nickel-titanium thermal treated alloy
  • Provides sharpness and cutting ability with added flexibility
  • Ideal for enlargement of severely curved canals

Hedstrom (H-Files)

  • Spiral designed flutes increase in depth and length from tip to handle
  • Enhanced efficiency while maintaining safety
  • Specially designed for retreatment


  • Stainless steel alloy with high flexibility
  • Square cross-section design with more cutting edges than K-files
  • Non-cutting tip for increased safety​

Finger Spreaders

  • ​Safely opens space for lateral compaction of gutta-percha
  • Tapered design
  • ISO standard sizing for gutta-percha compatibility

Peeso Reamer Bur

  • Prepares canal orifice for straight line access
  • Can be used for initial removal of gutta-percha in retreatment
  • Non-cutting tip for increased safety​

Gates Glidden Bur

  • ​Allows for deeper penetration in straight canals
  • Can also be used in straight part of curved canals
  • Non-cutting tip for increased safety​

Indications for Use

Endo-Eze™ Hand Files and Burs

​Use Endo-Eze hand files to clean and shape the canal during endodontic procedures.​

Technical Details

State-of-the-Art Alloy Treatment

​Each Endo-Eze file is constructed using a state-of-the-art alloy treatment to give them flexibility to negotiate the curves in the canal and the resistance to advance to the apical third. ​

Ergonomic Handles

​The handles on the Endo-Eze files are both ergonomic and uniquely designed to give better tactile feedback and reduce hand fatigue, helping to improve clinical performance.​

ISO Standard

​All Endo-Eze hand files are ADA/ISO/FDI standard. The numbering system (from 8 to 80 diameter), the .02 taper, the length (21, 25, and 31mm), and the shape of the tip (60° angle non-cutting tip) are according to standardized dimensions of root canal files (ADA specification No. 28, No. 58, and No. 71).​

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