Ultradent™ Utility Vinyl Cutters

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Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters are specifically designed for gross trimming of whitening trays.

  • Angled handles provide ergonomic comfort
  • Blunt tip for extra safety
  • Sharp blades easily cut through excess tray material

Technical Details

Angled Handles for Maximum Comfort

​Using an ergonomic, well-designed pair of scissors to fabricate a whitening tray can help reduce repetitive-use injuries. The Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters have angled handles to make cutting comfortable.

Ideal Size

​Using scissors that are too large for the tray can be cumbersome, while using scissors that are too short can increase the amount of time it takes to finish trimming. Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters are just the right size for trimming whitening trays.

Blunt Tip for Added Safety

​The blades of Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters are sharp to easily cut through whitening tray material, but the tip of the blades have a blunt end to minimize the chance of injury.


Cutting Out the Tray

​Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters are ideal for gross trimming of whitening trays.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters for detailed trimming as well as gross trimming?

    ​It’s best if you don’t. The size of the Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters makes reaching the areas covering the interdental papillae challenging. For fine trimming of whitening trays, we recommend using the Ultra-Trim Scalloping Scissors.

  • Do Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters come in other colors?

    ​No. The scissors are available only with a black handle.

  • Do I really need special scissors for trimming a whitening tray?

    ​Other scissors may trim your whitening tray, but the Ultradent Utility Vinyl Cutters are specially designed to easily cut through the durable vinyl material in the safest way possible.