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Triodent® V3 rings, varied matrices, and carefully designed wedges combine into a trio system designed to accommodate real tooth anatomy. The V3 rings provide ideal tooth separation, as well as predictable and tight contacts on the adjacent tooth structure post-op. Simultaneously the v-shaped tines accommodate the wedge, completing the trio of instruments and a sealed margin. With a tight seal and superb marginal ridge, the matrix reduces the need to shape the restoration.

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Trioent Wedges and Matrix Bands

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Unmatched versatility is achievable through the three instruments of the Triodent® V3 Sectional Matrix System. First is the Universal or Narrow Triodent® V3 Rings, which offer the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix ring. When used in combination with the second instrument—Triodent® SuperCurve non-stick or V3 Tab-Matrix™ sectional matrices—and the third instrument, Wave-Wedges™, dentists rely on customized and time-tested results. This versatile system produces high-quality, anatomically accurate Class II composite restorations.

The Solution for Multi-Surface-Direct Restorations - Download

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The Solution for Multi-Surface-Direct Restorations - Download

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The Solution for Multi-Surface-Direct Restorations - Download

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Seal, shape, or stack—whatever size you need for any class II, Triodent has an exceptional choice to class up your preparations.

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