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Jiffy Ceramic Polisher Kit

Jiffy™ Ceramic Kit or Refill

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Jiffy Composite Polisher Kit

Jiffy™ Composite Kit or Refill

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Every dentist office keeps a set of polishing tools for both ceramic and composite restorations. Ultradent Products, Inc., made the Jiffy finishing kit system with polishing brushes, burs, cups, and wheels—in diamond carbide and other quality materials—so that you have the options you need for any case that comes to your chair.

“Whether buccal, occlusal or interproximal, so efficient, so easily done, I love these spirals.”

–Dr. Lou Graham

“I want what’s best for my patient. So I want something that’s easy to use but also gives the natural result that we’re both looking for.”

–Dr. Jaimeé Morgan

This variety doesn’t have to mean increasing the time spent on the patient. Quite the opposite. Click below to find a downloadable guide—it gives you tips for which polisher best fits the tooth anatomy you’re working on. Print it out and you’ll be amazed how it shortcuts your work time, but not your finish!

“Two simple steps. It took me 30 seconds.”

–Dr. Rafael Beolchi

DPS Award for Jiffy Polishers rating 4.6 out of 5 stars

Dental Product Shopper Gives the Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System a Best Product Rating of 4.6 out of 5

Read more about the evaluation here.

“The Jiffy Natural Universal polishers have been fantastic in my office. They will polish zirconium faster than anything I’ve seen on the market.”

–Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Cup or spiral? Shape or polish?

Download this FREE pdf guide for our Jiffy polishing kits. Get superior results as unique as you want, as quick as you want. An amazing finish is in the tools.

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Jiffy Tips for various polishers

“No smoke and mirrors, it’s all in the polisher. Get the right polisher, get the right shine.”

–Dr. Jaimeé Morgan

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