Jiffy™ Composite Finishing Burs

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The time and effort you put into to crafting quality, natural-looking composite restorations can be of little use if the composite is not finished correctly. The fine nuances of a restoration can be compromised if you use inferior finishing instruments to shape and contour your restorations. By using the Jiffy Composite Finishing carbides and diamonds, you’ll be able to efficiently achieve a high-quality, natural finish on all of your composite restorations without getting shortcut results.

  • Excellent for shaping and contouring composites such as Mosaic universal composite, Amelogen Plus composite, and Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material
  • Suitable for anterior and posterior composite restorations
  • Autoclavable carbides and diamonds

Technical Details

Effective and Easy to Use

The Jiffy Composite Finishing line has an effective, easy-to-use selection of burs for shaping and contouring anterior and posterior composites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Jiffy Composite Finishing carbide and diamond burs be autoclaved?

    Yes. Refer to the Disinfection and Sterilization procedures prior to use for complete care and maintenance instructions and recommendations for use.