The Endo-EzeTM Genius® endodontic system is designed to switch from reciprocation movement to rotation with just the touch of a button. Both the motor and the hybrid files are designed to work in both reciprocation and rotation, and most procedures can be completed using just two files. Plus, the open design of the Genius motor means that it could be the last endodontic system you need.

Safety or Efficiency

Safety or Efficiency?

Doctors usually have to make a choice during endodontic procedures: do they want the safety of reciprocation, or do they want the efficient debris removal provided by rotary movement? With the Genius endodontic system, they don’t have to choose.

The Genius system is the first of its kind. The motor and uniquely designed files are compatible with both asymmetric reciprocation and rotary, allowing doctors to switch between the two movements with the touch of a button.


Groundbreaking Research

Dr. Carlos Ramos, DDS, MS, PhD, is the manager of the endodontic division of Ultradent’s Clinical Affairs and Research and Development team. He first developed the concept behind Genius when he was working as an endodontic specialist in his private practice and as a professor at State University of Londrina in Brazil. He brought his ideas with him when he joined Ultradent, where the potential for this groundbreaking system was immediately recognized. In January of 2013, development of the Genius endodontic system officially began.

After a long, careful process of research, development, creation, and refinement, the Genius endodontic system was officially released to Ultradent customers in September 2015.

Carlos Ramos
Genius Endodontic System

Endo-EzeTM Universal Endodontic Motor Kit

Item# F29030
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The Genius endodontic motor is designed for reciprocating and rotary files. This adaptable, easy-to-use motor is perfect for any endodontic procedure as it provides the safety of reciprocation and the efficiency of rotary movement. The open design of the Genius motor gives you the freedom to provide the best treatment for your patients.

  • Compatible with files from other top manufacturers
  • Customizes angles and speeds in reciprocation and rotation
  • Moves easily between reciprocating and rotary movement
  • Includes pre-programmed settings for the Endo-EzeTM Genius® files
  • Features torque-controlled Auto Reverse in rotary mode
Genius Contra Angle

Endo-EzeTM Genius® 8:1 Contra-Angle

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The Genius 8:1 reduction contra-angle is designed to work with the Genius motor. This contra-angle enables endodontic files to reach the required speeds for any procedure.

  • Gives the best possible access to the treatment site due to the small head
  • Simplifies file changes with a quick and easy push button
  • Gives accurate, precise, and quiet movement due to high-end steel ball bearings
  • Is autoclavable
Genius File Starter Kit 21mm

Endo-EzeTM Genius® File Starter Kit

Item# 3752A, 3753A
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The Genius hybrid files are compatible with both reciprocating and rotary movement, and most procedures can be completed with just two files. We recommend using the Genius files with the Genius endodontic motor, which has pre-programmed settings designed specifically for Genius files.

  • Are designed for both reciprocation and rotary movements
  • Switch between reciprocation and rotation with the touch of a button
  • Operate in the 90°/30° reciprocation movement provided by the Genius motor to minimize file separation
  • Allow the clinician to complete most procedures with just two files
  • Provide multiple file finishing options
  • Are ideal for both treatment and retreatment