12 - 16 MARCH 2019

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During the event of the year, a variety of exciting activities are awaiting you at the Ultradent Products booth. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us in HALL 11.3, BOOTH K010-L019 and benefit from:

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We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Product Experts

Meet our product experts and join our exclusive 20 minutes sessions (free of charge), covering special interest topics. Get involved into clinical discussions as wells tips & tricks around products and treatment protocols and get answers to all your professional questions.

refreshments provided

Hot and cold drinks, a tasty glass of sparkling wine and finger foods will accompany each session. Exclusive presents, product samples and gifts are awaiting each participant.

Timetable and Topics

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Dr. Rafael Beolchi - Aesthetic Dentistry with Direct Composites: It is easier than we may think.

Friday, 15 March 2019


Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos - MTA with the properties that the clinician has always dreamed of: MTAFlow™


Dr. Jörg Weiler - Requirements for polymerization in dentistry – fast, efficient, convenient with the VALO® family

LocationLocation: Ultradent Products, hall 11.3, booth K010-L019

All sessions will be held in English language and are available to a limited amount of attendees only.

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About the Experts

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Graduation in dentistry, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Since 2001

Private practice, focus on aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry


Masters Degree in Biomaterials, Institute of Energetic and Nuclear Research, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Further activities and experiences:

  • Teacher for courses in aesthetic dentistry with direct composites in national and international institutes
  • Coordinator of the operative dentistry course at FACOP, Sorocaba, Brazil and at the Union Health Academy, in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Author of several articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese about direct aesthetic restorations with composites and photo curing
  • Author of two book chapters: Restoration of endodontically treated teeth in Prof. Mario Leonardo’s book of endodontics and the photo curing chapter in Prof. Ewerton N. Conceição’s book of operative dentistry
  • Associate researcher of the operative dentistry department, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • Collaborations with other educational institutions, nationally and internationally
  • Product and material consultant for dental industry companies
  • Member of the editorial board of scientific magazines
  • International speaker in over 40 countries worldwide

Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos


Graduation with a degree in dentistry, State University of Londrina, Brazil

1987 - 2012

Part-time work as endodontic specialist in private practice

1990 - 1991

Residency in endodontics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

1991 - 1993

Program in endodontics and Master of Science degree, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

1993 - 1997

Completion of PhD program


Publication of first book

1995 - 2012

Professor of endodontics and coordination of the endodontics sector, State University of Londrina, Brazil

Further activities and experiences:

1997 - 2012

Publication of three books and over a dozen chapters for various endodontics books

  • Holds 3 international patents, which have brought different devices to the world marketplace that use these patented technologies
  • International speaker in endodontics, presenting lectures, hands-on workshops, and conferences worldwide each year
  • Clinical Affairs Senior Endodontic Advisor at Ultradent Products
Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Dr. Jörg Weiler

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Graduation, Frankfurt/Main, Germany Doctor’s degree Dr. med. dent., department of material science with Prof. Dr. Ing. W. Hohmann Frankfurt/Main , Germany


Working as a dentist in Berg. Gladbach, Cologne and Bonn

Since 1995

Private practice, Cologne, Germany

In addition to private practice:

Since 2003

Lecturer at dental associations and universities in Germany

Further activities and experiences:

  • International lectures and seminars around aesthetic, adhesive dentistry, as well as around endodontic and tooth whitening
  • Publications in the context of adhesive and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and tooth whitening

Member of:

  • DGCZ, German Society of Computerized Dentistry
  • DGZMK, German Society of Stomatology
  • DZV, German Dentist Association


An insightful live interview with Dr. Gaetano Paolone around aesthetic restorations with
Mosaic® Universal Composite

Timetable and Topics

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Dr. Gaetano Paolone - Aesthetic Restorations with Mosaic® Universal Composite

Follow us on our Facebook page Ultradent Products Deutschland, watch our interview with Dr. Paolone live, learn more about treatments and products, and get answers to all your questions!


LocationLocation: Ultradent Products, hall 11.3, booth K010-L019

About the Experts

Dr. Gaetano Paolone

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Dentist in own private practice (interdisciplinary clinic) in Rome, Italy

Since 2015

Adjunct professor in restorative dentistry (dentistry years IV, V, VI), Università Vita Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy

Since 2012

Active member of the AIC (Italian Academy of Conservative and Restorative Dentistry)


Board member (secretary) of AIC

Since 2011

Active member of IAED (Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)

Since 2010

Active member of AIOM (Italian Academy of Microscopic Dentistry)

Further activities and experiences:

  • Lecturer for the master in aesthetics and restorative dentistry, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Author and co-author of several publications in international scientific journals
  • Lecturer in national and international courses and congresses
  • Author of the book "Direct Posteriors" Quintessence pub.
  • Associate researcher of the operative dentistry department, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • Author of chapter 6 of "Endoprotetyka", a book from MaciejZarov and “Moderna odontoiatria estetica Workflow dalla A alla Z”, books from Quintessence pub.
  • Product and material consultant for the dental industry companies
  • Runs the project with Dr. Salvatore Scolavino


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LocationLocation: Ultradent Products, hall 11.3, booth K010-L019


Endodontic Repair Cement

MTAFlow™ Endodontic Repair Cement

Have a look at our new MTAFlow™. MTAFlow (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is the new endodontic repair cement with a broad spectrum of indications. The fine-grained, bioactive powder in combination with a liquid / gel combination can be mixed individually, depending on the specific indication. MTAFlow will form a hydroxyapatite layer, which ideally supports the healing process. Thanks to its patented gel formula, MTAFlow is significantly more resistant to washout effects.

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VALO® Grand LED Curing Light

Get convinced of the new VALO® Grand. VALO Grand combines all benefits of the innovative, award-winning VALO with a 50% bigger lens. The VALO LED curing light has a broadband technology with high light intensity. This allows the polymerization of all light-curing dental materials (385 - 515 nm). The 50% larger lens effortlessly covers a 10 mm diameter molar for a complete polymerization in just one cycle.

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Improved Omni-Matrix™ System

Omni-Matrix™ is a quick, easy-to-use, disposable retainer and matrix. Simply adjust the band’s circumference by twisting the conical handle. Its patented, articulated head swivels, fitting comfortably into any quad- rant of the mouth. Once the restoration is complete, the Omni-Matrix band is easily released, leaving restorative material intact. The stainless steel matrix band is thin, adaptive, and burnishable, and the wingless design allows wedges to be placed with ease.
Also available in mylar.

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Enamelast® Caramel Fluoride Varnish

Enamelast fluoride varnish is a flavoured, xylitol-sweetened, 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier. Its unique formula is made with a patented adhesion-promoting agent for enhanced retention, while providing superior fluoride release and uptake.
Unit-dose applications are available in the delicious flavours Walterberry, Orange Cream, Cool Mint, Bubble Gum, and now new in Caramel! Your patients will love it!

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