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Opalescence Go® 6%

Cubetas precargadas de péroxido de hidrógeno
  • ​Nueva cubeta UltraFit ofrece un ajuste extremadamente cómodo y se adapta fácilmente a la sonrisa de los pacientes.
  • La adaptación  de la nueva cubeta asegura que el gel entra en contacto con todas las piezas, incluidas las posteriores.
  • 6% sabor Menta y Sandía - uso : poner 60-90 minutos durante 5-10 días.
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  • Detalles del Producto

    ​Opalescence Go es el blanqueamiento de aceso recomendado pues no necesita de impresiones, modelos ni tiempo en el laboratorio. También es ideal como seguimiento o mantenimiento de un blanqueamiento anterior.

    • Nueva cubeta UltraFit ofrece un ajuste extremadamente cómodo y se adapta fácilmente a la sonrisa de los pacientes.
    • La adaptación  de la nueva cubeta asegura que el gel entra en contacto con todas las piezas, incluidas las posteriores.
    • 6% sabor Menta Sandía - uso : poner 60-90 minutos durante 5-10 días.
    • La dosificación optima del gel en la cubeta, permite no desperdiciar material y facilita la limpieza después del blanqueamiento.
    • Los geles Opalescence PF incluyen nitrato de potasio y flúor. Juntos, aseguran una mejora importante en la salud dental1,2,3,4,5  


    1. Basting RT, Rodrigues AL Jr, Serra MC. The effects of seven carbamide peroxide bleaching agents on enamel microhardness over time. J Am Dent Assoc. 2003;134(10):1335-42. 2. Al-Quanaian TA. The effect of whitening agents on caries susceptibility of human enamel. Oper Dent. 2005;30(2):265-70. 3. Clark LM, Barghi N, Summitt JB, Amaechi BT. Influence of fluoridated carbamide peroxide bleaching gel on enamel demineralization. J Dent Res 85(Spec Iss A): 0497, 2006 (www.dentalresarch.org).  4.Amaechi BT, Clark LM, Barghi N, Summitt JB. Enamel fluoride uptake from fluoridated carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. J Dent Res 85(Spec Iss A): 0498, 2006 (www.dentalresarch.org). 5. Browning WD, Myers M, Downey M, Pohjola RM, Brackett WW. Report on low sensitivity whiteners. J Dent Res 85(Spec Iss A): 1650, 2006 (www.dentalresearch.org).

  • Tipos de Kits

    ​​Seleccione el kit de Opalescence Go® 6% que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. Usted lo puede comprar a través de los Distribuidores Autorizados de Ultradent. Para solicitar información adicional sobre cualquier kit, haga clic en el botón "Contáctenos"

    • Donde Comprar »
      Contáctenos »
      Opalescence Go 6% - Mini Kit ( Menta)

      Opalescence Go 6% - Mini Kit ( Menta)

      • Código # 4644
      4 - envases blister con 1 cubeta superior yuna cubeta inferior cada uno
      Shelf Life:
      Almacene en el refrigerador
    • Donde Comprar »
      Contáctenos »
      Opalescence Go 6% - Mini Kit 12 Pack (Menta)

      Opalescence Go 6% - Mini Kit 12 Pack (Menta)

      • Código # 4649
      Shelf Life:
      Almacene en el refrigerador
    • Donde Comprar »
      Contáctenos »
      Opalescence Go 6% - Patient Kit (Menta)

      Opalescence Go 6% - Patient Kit (Menta)

      • Código # 4634
      10 - envases blister con una cubeta superior y una cubeta inferior cada uno
      Shelf Life:
      Almacene en el refrigerador
    • Donde Comprar »
      Contáctenos »
      Opalescence Go 6% - SixPack (Menta)

      Opalescence Go 6% - SixPack (Menta)

      • Código # 4639
      6 - Patient Kit
      Shelf Life:
      Almacene en el refrigerador
  • Instrucciones

    ​Siga estas instrucciones paso a paso para lograr los mejores resultados con Opalescence Go® 6%.

  • Procedures

    Opalescence Go Patient Step by Step

    1. 1

      Remove from package.

    2. 2

      Center tray on arch.

    3. 3

      Gently suck down or swallow.

    4. 4

      Remove outer tray.

    5. 5

      Suck down or swallow again.

    6. 6

      Wear 6% for 60 to 90 minutes, 10% for 30 to 60 minutes, and 15% for 15 to 20 minutes.


    Before and After Opalescence Go

    After the use of one Opalescence Go patient kit (10 trays total).

    Technical Data

    UltraFit™ Tray

    The all-new UltraFit is made of a unique, highly adaptable material that comfortably conforms to any patient’s arches. The tray material responds to the internal body temperature of the patient and begins to mold around the occlusal surfaces and into the interproximal spaces. The UltraFit tray also provides superior coverage buccal to lingual and ensures that the maximum amount of whitening gel remains on the teeth during whitening.

    Convenient Ready-To-Go Whitening

    For the patient who demands the convenience of a whitening treatment that can be performed anywhere, Opalescence Go is the answer. With no need for custom trays or extra accessories, Opalescence Go can easily be carried in a pocket or bag, and its discreet tray material makes it possible to whiten with Opalescence Go just about anywhere.​

    Patented Sticky, Viscous Gel

    It’s important that patients be comfortable while they whiten so they’ll be consistent with their treatments. With Opalescence, your patients don’t have to worry about gel ending up where it’s not supposed to go. Our original, patented formula is sticky and viscous, so it stays where it’s placed, preventing the gel from migrating during treatment and helping keep the custom tray in place.

    Superior Stability

    Opalescence products are among the most stable whitening products in the industry, each maintaining virtually all of its effectiveness over the course of its shelf life.3,4 Because delivery times vary depending on the location of each particular dental office, Opalescence products are formulated with transit time in mind, so they remain stable even after being shipped across the country. In fact, stability studies performed on Opalescence tooth whitening gels have shown that the peroxide potency at the end of the product’s shelf life is consistently 90% or greater.

    Formulated with 20% Water

    Many whitening products on the market dehydrate teeth, resulting in uncomfortable sensitivity for patients. Opalescence Go is made up of 20% water to keep the teeth hydrated during the whitening process. This high water content, combined with optimum levels of potassium nitrate and fluoride, reduce the likelihood of residual sensitivity for your patients.

    Gluten Free and Kosher Certified

    Opalescence products are gluten free and kosher certified, so they fit in with the lifestyles and beliefs of patients from any background.

    Sweetened with Xylitol

    Every Opalescence product is sweetened with xylitol, a noncariogenic sweetener, to promote increased oral health.

    Perfectly Balanced pH

    ​Because tooth-whitening gel can be in the mouth for several hours at a time, it’s important to use a product with a pH that closely matches the natural pH of a patient’s mouth. When the mouth has a lower pH (between 5.5 and 6.5), bacteria can begin to flourish. Carbamide peroxide releases a byproduct called urea, which raises the pH level of the mouth to a neutral level (between 7 and 8).5 The active whitening agent in Opalescence Go is hydrogen peroxide, but to help maintain neutral pH levels, it also includes added carbamide peroxide.

    Sold Directly to Licensed Dental Professionals Only

    Opalescence is committed to supporting the dental community. Because tooth whitening is most successful when supervised by a dentist, Opalescence is sold directly to licensed dental professionals only. It’s important for dentists to ensure their patients understand the whitening procedure, have realistic expectations of the outcome, and have an enjoyable experience so they are pleased with the final result.

    Easily Combined with Other Opalescence Products for Customized Treatments

    While each Opalescence product is effective in a stand-alone whitening regimen, many patients prefer to use a combination of treatments or products to meet their needs. Because every Opalescence product works in combination with the others, it’s easy to create a custom regimen for any patient.

    Unmatched Quality

    The names Opalescence and Ultradent are synonymous with quality. All of our research and development is done in-house. So is our manufacturing and quality control. This allows us to guide and oversee the entire process—from the time an Opalescence innovation is conceived to the time it’s created and packaged for shipping. We have met the strictest standards, and our facility is ISO 9001 certified. All of this ensures every product performs exactly as it’s supposed to for you and for your patients.

    Indications for Use

    ​Opalescence está recomendando para blanquear dientes descoloridos. Su uso debe ser antes de la colocación del composite, coronas y/o carillas. Es efectivo a la hora de eliminar algunas o todas las discoloraciones internas debidas a factores congénitos, sistémicos, farmacológicos, traumáticos, etc. o simplemente envejecimiento. Es incluso efectivo en casos de fluorosis y tetraciclinas.6,7

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