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  • Dr. Mary Verardi Episode 531.31.2011

    ​Dr. Mary Verardi discusses the "digital and paperless" office and the patient discovery process.

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  • Dr. Mary Verardi Episode 5212.14.2010

    ​Dr. Mary Verardi discusses her search for an endodontic system that positively impacts the office and patients.

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  • Dr. Greg Ayers Episode 5110.15.2010

    ​Dr. Greg Ayers explains the concept of the "two minute preview" of your dental office and how it can assist with practice building.

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  • Dr. Greg Ayers Episode 5010.15.2010

    ​Dr. Greg Ayers explains his "mint on the pillow" approach to marketing tooth whitening procedures.

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  • Dr. Shannon Griffin Episode 496.8.2009

    ​Join practice management consultant Dr. Shannon Griffin for a discussion about systems for hiring and training new staff, office communication, and other intangibles that can make a good dentist great.

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  • Dr. Louis Malcmacher Episode 485.14.2009

    ​Join Dr. Louis Malcmacher for a discussion about educating patients on oral cancer self-examinations. He will also discuss oral cancer screening devices.

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  • Dr. Gerard Kugel Episode 474.9.2009

    ​Join Dr. Gerard Kugel for a discussion about successful veneer placement and pitfalls to avoid.

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  • Dr. Howard Strassler Episode 4612.31.2009

    ​Listen as Dr. Howard Strassler discusses causes of Intrinsic discoloration and decalcification before introducing a minimally invasive treatment alternative to veneers.

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  • Dr. Nasser Barghi Episode 4512.23.2008

    Tune in as Dr. Nasser Barghi reports on necessary curing light intensity, effects of insufficient curing light output, and results of testing curing lights in hundreds of dental practices. Dr. Barghi cites two papers, the abstracts of which can be viewed here: 1 - Evaluating intensity outp...

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  • Dr. Nasser Barghi Episode 4411.7.2008

    ​Porcelain restorative authority Dr. Nasser Barghi discusses porcelain repair, including considerations for the nature and zone of the fracture. Listen as he explains the negative impact of hydrofluoric acid on tooth structure and his recommendations for silanation. Dr. Barghi cites two papers, the...

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