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Endo-Eze TiLOS®

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Product Details

TiLOS files are optimized for Ultradent’s 30° reciprocating handpiece. Each file features a unique design and is created with effectiveness and efficiency in mind.

TiLOS files

  • Withstand sterilization up to four times
  • Rely on a minimally invasive approach
  • Address each canal according to its unique anatomy

TiLOS files are available in preconfigured, autoclavable packs. The TiLOS system includes both stainless steel and NiTi hand files as well as engine-driven stainless steel shaping files and NiTi transitional files.

The TiLOS preconfigured packs

  • Simplify procedures
  • Display tools in a user-friendly, straightforward instrumentation sequence
  • Feature built-in measurement devices, stabilizing easel stands, and Endo Stop dispensers in the lid
  • Include the tools needed to treat 90% of endodontic cases in the simplified RediPack, with more specialized tools available in the Engine Pack and Patient Pack
  • Can be refilled as needed
2015 Dentistry Today Top 25 Endodontic Products

Indications for Use

Endo-Eze TiLOS

​TiLOS is a hybrid file system designed to offer the best features of the step-back and crown-down instrumentation in a reciprocating motion. Depending on size, the files are manufactured of either stainless steel or NiTi. TiLOS offers safe, efficient, predictable results.


Endo-Eze TiLOS®

Ideal in Curved Canals

Clinical perception.
90° reality.

Minimally Invasive Prep

Technical Details

Optimized for Use with Ultradent’s 30° Reciprocating Handpiece

​TiLOS shaping files are optimized for Ultradent’s Arios handpiece.

Addresses Each Canal According to Its Anatomy

​Traditional mechanical “rotary” instruments create a continuously tapered cone to the apex, which doesn’t always address ribbon-shaped or ovoid canals. TiLOS files are designed to follow an oscillating “milling” motion that follows the cross-sectional shape of each canal.

Simple, Straightforward Instrumentation Sequence

​The preconfigured packs are arranged in a complete, straightforward instrumentation sequence ideal for 90% of endodontic cases.

Unique TiLOS Hand File Design

​The features of the TiLOS hand files will add to the performance of any instrument system on the market. The handles are designed with a brass core for support and soft grip for comfort, while the ribbon-shaped, ovoid handle provides comfort while maintaining tactile feedback. The hand file design allows the apex locator to be attached to the top of the file rather than below the handle.

Available in Preconfigured Packs: RediPack, Engine Pak, and Patient Pack

​The preconfigured packs feature an instrumentation sequence ideal for endodontic cases. The autoclavable preconfigured patient packs feature a built-in measurement device, a stabilizing easel stand, and an Endo Stop dispenser in the lid.


  • How is Endo-Eze different from other endodontic instrument systems?

    ​Endo-Eze consists of unique technology, devices, techniques, and materials (many of them patented designs from Ultradent) to solve everyday endodontic problems with common sense.

    Mechanical “rotary” instruments create a round hole to the apex and don’t always adequately address ribbon-shaped or ovoid canals. Rather than using a rotary system that forces the canal to adapt to the instrument, Endo-Eze uses instruments and methodologies that adapt to the natural anatomy of the canal.

  • What are the differences between the preconfigured packs?

    ​The RediPack is an introductory sequence of files designed to specifically handle 90% of root canal preparations. It is designed for use in straight narrow canals, straight large canals, and curved large canals. The Engine Pack is designed to do the majority of the work and simplify a root canal treatment to three easy steps. The Patient Pack includes eight instruments, and is perfect for use with curved narrow canals or canals that are calcified.