Ask Dr. Fischer: The Science Behind Whitening

Contrary to popular belief, when one whitens with peroxide they’re not actually removing stains from the tooth. What is actually happening is that the whitening solution is changing those molecules and the way they reflect or absorb light. The molecules become translucent, making the tooth appear whiter.

How the Gemini Laser Changed My Practice

When asked if having the three Gemini lasers in her office has made a positive impact on her business, Dr. Lawhon answers, “We’ve definitely seen an increase in our bottom line because we work faster, more efficiently, and can offer more to our patients, procedure-wise, than we could before.” …

Beginning with One in Hinche, Haiti

When you see the poverty for the first time, it can be very difficult. Some people have some emotional trouble with that,” Dr. Brown says. “But we always express to our patients that although we are providing them with dental care, our abilities are no more important than theirs.