3 Ways Bad Temporaries Are Bad for Business

Over the last 20 years, dentistry has changed quite a bit. It used to be that “because it’s a temporary, quality and esthetics didn’t matter.” Now, it’s more like “just because it’s a temporary, doesn’t mean quality and esthetic don’t matter.” Additionally, more clinicians are realizing the negative affect bad temporaries have on their business. If any of the following problems sounds a little too familiar to you, it’s time to consider upgrading your temporary material.

You Won’t Believe These Smile Makeovers Aren’t Porcelain Veneers!

Everyone deserves a confident, healthy, beautiful smile, and yet many of the solutions to dental esthetic abnormalities can cost patients thousands of dollars. Determined to find a more economical solution to this universal problem, Dr. Sigal Jacobson created the Uveneer™ direct composite template system which allows dentists to give their patients the gorgeous smile they desire at a fraction of the price.

My Favorite Hygiene Products

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, so we wanted to celebrate Carol Jent, Ultradent’s Clinical RDH. We recently sat down with Carol to talk about her favorite hygiene products.

October Calendar Spotlight: Guardsman Pass by Micaela Congino

“I took this photo looking over Guardsman Pass where it looks into Heber,” says Micaela Congino of the October photo featured in Ultradent’s 2016 calendar. “My husband and I just decided to take a drive one day last fall and we actually hadn’t taken that particular route to Park City before…

Andrea Bailey September 2016 Calendar Spotlight

Andrea Bailey might be a Utah native, but that doesn’t mean she takes Utah’s incredible geography for granted. In fact, Andrea, who is Ultradent’s global brand manager over composites and crown and bridge materials, says that the state’s outdoor offerings—including its unmatched mountains, red rock formations, and lakes—are what keep her in the beehive state.