International Women’s Day: Dr. Jaleena Jessop

In honor of International Women's day, we sat down with Jaleena Jessop, Ultradent's Director of Clinical Affairs. She is also a practicing dentist and happens to be the daughter of Dr. Fischer, the founder and CEO of Ultradent.

Freedom Without Compromise: 3 Reasons to Choose an Open Motor Endodontic System

With so many endodontic motor options available to general dentists and endodontists today, it’s no wonder that clinicians can have a difficult time initially selecting the right one for them. On the other end of the spectrum, some clinicians can end up stockpiling multiple endodontic motors in their supply closets due to changes and advancements in technology, discontinuation of files, or simple dissatisfaction with the motor or system they’re using due to excessive file breakage, malfunction, or other issues.

40th anniversary featuring Whitney Jones

As we celebrate Ultradent’s 40th Anniversary throughout the coming year, we also celebrate the people that work here, and the rich stories they have to tell about the company, how it’s grown, and the role they’ve played in its history. Today we talk to Whitney Jones, Ultradent’s illustrator, and the talent behind the massive mural depicting scenes from throughout the state of Utah that graces Ultradent’s worldwide headquarters’ South Jordan, Utah lobby. Learn more about his fascinating 24-year journey with the company and the many experiences he’s had here:…

Choosing the Right Bonding Product: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right adhesive is one of the most important and impactful product decisions a clinician can make. It affects the quality and longevity of their restorations, the time it will take to complete them, and the money the clinician will have to spend to ensure that their adhesive works on all substrates.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Quality Composite

With so many options out there, here are five attributes that all dentists should demand from their composite to guarantee longevity, performance, and quality and ensure patient satisfaction. Yes, it IS possible to have all of the following in one composite.