Dirk Jeffs, Ultradent’s President, Looks Back on Meaningful Moments from His Storied Career

After being here at Ultradent for 22 years, I can tell you one thing. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever work at a company this long. In fact, when I started here at 29 years old, I had worked for three years at my first job, and one year at my second job after college. I was exploring my options and career passions, and thought Ultradent might be a stepping stone in that path…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Your Guide to Buying a Soft-Tissue Dental Laser

Think of a diode laser as the Swiss Army knife of dentistry. There are many procedures that can be completed with a diode laser that owning one brings an incredible amount of utility to a clinician. Most offices purchase a diode laser primarily for troughing but end up finding more and more reasons to use it. Essentially, any soft-tissue work that needs to be done can be completed with a diode laser because it makes the work so simple! You only need to grab the laser, attach a new tip, and get to work. The utility in owning a diode laser is the number one reason dental offices should own at least one!

Practical Jokes, Dancing, and the Value of Personal Relationships with Chuck Anger and Mark Brinkerhoff

In celebration of Ultradent’s 40th Anniversary this year, we’ve been sharing stories from Ultradent's employees about meaningful moments, sentimental memories, exhilarating milestones, and turning points in their careers that have come as a result of their time at Ultradent. For this edition of Years of Stories,” we thought we’d chat with a couple of Ultradent’s vice presidents about their experiences at Ultradent, their thoughts on leadership, and their memories with Ultradent’s founder and CEO, Dr. Dan Fischer, throughout the years.