Whiter Teeth for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where we celebrate cherished traditions, reunite with family and beloved friends, eat our most favorite (often sugary) foods, where we shop ‘til we drop, stay up late wrapping presents and baking cookies, and give gifts to those we love.

Dr. Sean Lee—My VALO® Grand Curing Light Story

Even with the smaller, original VALO curing light, I was very satisfied with the performance, so when my Ultradent representative told me about the VALO Grand light—which has a larger curing head—I jumped at the chance to buy it, and it’s now what I use in my own practice exclusively…

Ask Dr. Fischer: Triodent Sectional Matrix System Edition

The reason I recommend the Triodent V3 Sectional Matrix System the very most is because it is so simple and quick. With the unique reverse s-curve cross-sectional shape to the matrix band, it provides the appropriate contour as it approaches the contact area.

How I Used Opalescence Whitening Systems to Build my Practice

Dr. Morgan’s reputation of creating beautiful, white smiles for her patients has only served to expand her reach She even gets Miss Utah America and Miss Utah USA contestants and winners ready for their state and national pageants by whitening and perfecting their smiles before they go in front of the judges.