Your Guide to Buying a Soft-Tissue Dental Laser

Think of a diode laser as the Swiss Army knife of dentistry. There are many procedures that can be completed with a diode laser that owning one brings an incredible amount of utility to a clinician. Most offices purchase a diode laser primarily for troughing but end up finding more and more reasons to use it. Essentially, any soft-tissue work that needs to be done can be completed with a diode laser because it makes the work so simple! You only need to grab the laser, attach a new tip, and get to work. The utility in owning a diode laser is the number one reason dental offices should own at least one!

Take the Headache Out of Multi-Surface Direct Restorations

The materials used in dentistry have changed drastically over time, but some dentists never move beyond the techniques and materials they mastered in dental school, leaving them outdated and deprived of the latest in dental technology and techniques that could save them time and money, and help them create higher quality work.

Essentials for Endodontic Success

Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos created Ultradent’s minimally invasive, award-winning line of endodontic products meant to be used before, during, and after endodontic procedures. The complete line includes everything from equipment, to irrigants, tips, gutta percha points, and beyond. Here are six essentials that every clinician should have on hand to make their endodontic procedures easier:…