Employee Spotlight

Curiosity, Exploration, Adventure, and Courage with Melissa Axen

It’s really, really neat when we’re working down there to think, “Hey, this could end up in someone’s mouth,” for example. I love being able to see my work and say, “I made that!” It’s a great feeling. I love making products that we know will help improve lives, too.

Going Great Lengths & Reaching New Heights with David Landeen

The photo was taken at Dollar Lake, which is in the high Uinta mountain range here in Utah. It’s on the trail to Kings Peak. I was up there with a youth group as their leader. One morning, another one of the leaders and I woke up super early to get some pretty shots of the lake.

Get to Know Angela Wells and Find Out What Inspires Her

I enjoy coming to work every single day. I love working with the people. They are everything. It makes the biggest difference. There have been days the last couple of years where things in life were hard and my team would always say to me, “Come in to work tomorrow, we’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you happy,” and they do!