Dental Industry Issues

Ultradent News Corner - Issue: #1

On January 9, 2017, the University of Montpellier in Dardilly, France presented the Medal of Honor, the university’s highest recognition, to Dr. Dan Fischer, founder and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., who received the award on behalf of the company…

Dental Laser Safety 101

Here are a few tips, as outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Laser Institute of America for keeping your patients and staff safe while enjoying the wonderful advantages dental lasers bring to your office.

Day in the Life of a Dental Hygienist

In celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, we decided to follow around a real dental hygienist and see how her day unfolds. Not only is Kary Buchanan a registered dental hygienist, but she’s also a wife and mom to four girls!

Whitening MythBusters: Do I Really Need to Give Up Certain Foods & Drinks While Whitening My Teeth?

One of the most common questions about teeth whitening is whether there are foods and drinks that should be avoided. There are several foods and beverages that can stain or darken teeth during or after a whitening treatment. Consuming these items will affect everyone differently due to genetics and frequency of consumption, but we're happy to offer some guidelines so you can maximize the results of your Opalescence whitening treatment!