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  • Victoria L. Wallace, CDA, RDA to Lecture at the ADA's 150th Anniversary Conference

    September 28, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Victoria L. Wallace, a past recipient of the ADAA/Sullivan-Schein District Award of Excellence and ADAA Journal Award, returns as a lecturer at the 150th Annual ADA Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii next month. Victoria, in partnership with the American Dental Assistant’s Association, will present Adhesive Procedures Do’s and Don’ts for the Dental Assistant; a conversational and fun approach to learning more about adhesives. 

    Victoria has been a CDA, RDA, since 1976. Her chair-side career has included general and cosmetic dentistry with extensive national and international lecture experience. Ms. Wallace is an active member of the ADAA and is currently vice chair of the ADAA Foundation. She is the Immediate Past President for the Nevada Dental Assistants Association and Southern Nevada Dental Assistants Society. Ms. Wallace started working for Ultradent Products, Inc. in 1996 with her current positions as Major Accounts Manager and lecturer on Dental Products and Procedures. 

    Victoria’s lecture will take place on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 8:00 AM for CE credit. The program is recommended for doctors, assistants and expanded function dental hygienists. Past attendees have commented about the “real world” nature of Victoria’s presentation of dental language saying it takes a relevant yet simple perspective for instruction on how to use adhesives more effectively. 

    For more information, please contact Ultradent Products by visiting or call 1-800-552-5212. ​

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  • Dr. Renato Leonardo to Present a Special Course for Greater New York Dental Meeting Attendees

    September 14, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Dr. Renato Leonardo, a graduate of the Araraquara Dental School-UNESP, will present on the Technological Resources and Biological Concepts in Minimally Invasive Endodontics. Participants at the Greater New York Dental Meeting will experience Dr. Leonardo’s unique lecture and hands-on training on vital and non-vital pulp therapy, Apical Delivered Obturation (A.D.O.) System, the Anatomic Endodontic Technology (A.E.T.) System and its newly released extension, TiLOS™ Endodontic files 

    Dr. Leonardo with a Masters in Endodontics and a PhD in Pathology from Araraquara Dental School-UNESP in Brazil. He is currently the Head and Chairman MS of the Department of Endodontics and PhD programs there, as well as a member of the Regional Board of Endodontics (Brazil), American Association of Endodontics and vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Endodontics and Brazilian Academy of Endodontic Professors. An invited professor at UTHSCSA (Texas) and the International University of Catalunya (Spain), he has published 63 articles and authored 43 chapters and published 3 books on the subject of Endodontics. Fluent in four languages, Dr. Leonardo lectures internationally and, when not speaking, resides in Brazil with his beautiful family. 

    Dr. Leonardo’s course will present topics for the progressive general practitioner with a minimally invasive practice. It will include a lecture and hands-on training to illustrate hand, rotary and oscillatory instrumentation of the root canal system as well as root canal filling materials and techniques. The course will introduce a new approach which combines step-back and crown-down instrumentation in a reciprocating motion, for safe, efficient and predictable results. 

    For more information on Dr. Leonardo or registration for the course, please visit or call Ultradent Products, Inc at 1-800-552-5512.

    Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer of high-tech dental materials, devices and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s mission is to improve the level of dental healthcare and to make dental procedures more predictable and hassle-free. Consistent with its mission, Ultradent works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call (800) 552-5512 or visit​

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  • Ultradent’s Team Unites to Support NCMEC and the Wireless AMBER Alert Initiative

    July 28, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent announced a company-wide initiative to support Wireless AMBER Alerts, a voluntary partnership between the United States Department of Justice, the National Center for Missing and Exploited (NCMEC) Children and participating companies from the wireless industry in an effort to establish an emergency notification system for missing children. 

    Statistics shared by NCMEC indicate that the first three hours after a child’s abduction are crucial in implementing a successful recovery effort. With hundreds of “eyes on the road” every day, Ultradent’s management team encouraged employees to participate in the Wireless AMBER Alert network to assist law enforcement in their recovery efforts. “In supporting this initiative,” said Dr. Fischer, Ultradent’s President/CEO, “we hope that other organizations will follow suit in asking their members to participate in this very important effort.” 

    Wireless subscribers (those which are capable of receiving text messages), may opt in to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts by registering at or by visiting their wireless carrier's website. Once an AMBER alert is issued by law enforcement, the NCMEC is notified and provided with information to include in the alert. NCMEC formats the AMBER Alert message and sends it electronically to Syniverse which sends the FREE message to select wireless carriers. The carriers, in turn, send the alert to subscribers. 

    For more information on the Wireless AMBER Alert system, please visit ​

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  • Ultradent’s International Offices Join to Celebrate 30 Years of Business

    July 13, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent Products, Inc. hosted its 30 year anniversary in South Jordan, Utah last week. Representatives from Ultradent’s subsidiary and distributor offices joined for a county fair-style celebration complete with a canned food drive for the Utah Food Bank, carnival games, craft fair, and 5k run. Proceeds from the events, over $2000, were donated to Volunteers of America (on behalf of the late Lorin Fischer). 

    When Ultradent opened its doors 30 years ago, it managed and operated by Fischer family members – in the basement of founder Dr. Dan Fischer’s home. Today, this Utah-based dental products manufacturer employs over 800 individuals and provides products to dentists in 100 countries around the world. 

    Considered a leader in the dental industry, Ultradent continues to garner attention as an innovator. From Astringedent to its most widely recognized brand, Opalescence, Ultradent has introduced products and techniques that were not only advanced for their time but that also set industry standards. 

    The last 30 years have brought about significant changes such as the addition of subsidiaries in Japan, Brazil, Germany and Italy, a recent 65,000 square foot manufacturing building expansion and the continued growth of a trustworthy and progressive brand. 

    For more information on Ultradent, please visit us at or call 1-800-552-5512. ​

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  • Ultradent Supports the Affiliate Network of National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

    June 22, 2009 Charlotte, NC

    National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF): America’s Toothfairy, plans to help its 1,000,000th child in its upcoming fiscal year thanks to generous supporters dedicated to helping children. 

    Since 2006 NCOHF has worked to eliminate pediatric dental disease by staying focused on oral health and education among our nation’s most economically challenged children and their families. Even though pediatric dental disease is completely preventable, it affects millions of children in our country, causing pain so severe it can impact a child’s ability to eat, sleep, learn and thrive. NCOHF: America’s Toothfairy works with a growing national network of non-profit dental facilities, called Affiliates, to provide preventive measures, treatment and education for underinsured children across the country. 

    To date NCOHF Affiliates have served almost 700,000 children and, with additional facilities being added this fiscal year, should reach 1,000,000 by Summer 2010. Because of support from corporations, NCOHF has been able to provide funding and product donations to its Affiliates valued at over $4 million since 2006. 

    Generous corporations provide funding and product donations, making it possible for NCOHF’s Affiliates to receive the support they need. One such corporation is Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental company with a 30-year history of innovation and quality. Ultradent, led by Dr. Dan Fischer, has been a consistent underwriter and product provider since NCOHF was founded. 

    “We passionately believe in the mission of NCOHF”, said President/CEO of Ultradent, Dr. Fischer, “It is a unique opportunity to be aligned with a program that so closely matches our own corporate goals of improving oral healthcare to the underserved. We proudly support the efforts of NCOHF.” 

    Ultradent manufactures and packages more than 500 materials, devices and instruments used worldwide by dentists, group practices, dental and veterinary labs, government agencies and universities. As a leader in the dental manufacturing field, Ultradent adheres to a strong moral code, operating with core beliefs in integrity, quality, hard work, innovation, and care. 

    Support from Ultradent has assisted NCOHF in creating its network of now 60 Affiliates. NCOHF is the only independent non-profit national children’s health organization exclusively focused on supporting delivery of comprehensive oral health care for economically disadvantaged children. Thanks to generous underwriters, 100% of the funds and products raised by NCOHF goes directly to programs that help children who are in critical need of oral health care. 

    “NCOHF exists because of the great need for pediatric dental care,” says Fern Ingber, CEO of NCOHF. “Underwriters like Ultradent make it possible for the Foundation to support our Affiliates, and for them to receive funds and products from caring individuals and corporations. We appreciate Ultradent for their unwavering support since NCOHF’s inception and their belief that we must work together to eliminate pediatric dental disease among our nation’s poorest children.” 

    About the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) 

    National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease, facilitating delivery of comprehensive pediatric oral health services, and eliminating this preventable disease from future generations. NCOHF draws on vast national resources to secure and distribute product and financial donations along with innovative preventive programs to a growing network of not-for-profit community-based universities, health centers, dental clinics, and mobile programs throughout America. 

    For more information about NCOHF, please visit ​

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  • Ultradent Products, Inc. Receives Charles A. Caine Safety Award

    May 29, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent Products, Inc. will be honored with the 2009 Charles A. Caine Award for Workplace Safety at a reception hosted by the Workers Compensation Fund. Nominated because of its outstanding safety practices, Ultradent is among 12 companies out of 24,000 in Utah to receive this distinction. 

    Ultradent credits its low experience modifier rating (.76) to the company’s safety philosophy of “zero accidents”. For the past ten years, David Nuttall, Ultradent’s Safety and Security Manager, has worked towards this objective by decreasing the number of reported injuries through various measures including an onsite first aid room to evaluate injuries, a first-aid response team which consist of employees trained to address medical emergencies and a strong company-wide safety mindset. 

    The Charles A. Caine Award will be presented next Thursday, June 4, 2009 at the Grand America Hotel. For more details, please contact Ida Baghoomian at 801-553-4243 or email ​

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  • Ultradent Unveils VALO

    May 18, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent Products, Inc. unveiled VALO, the new wave in LED curing lights at the California Dental Association (CDA) Scientific Session last week in Anaheim, CA. VALO is the LED curing light for unsurpassed accessibility, accuracy and efficiency in a sleek body to deliver the right power in the right place. 

    VALO is anything but your ordinary curing light. Its optimized power output, broad spectrum custom LEDs and precisely collimated beam provide consistent and uniform cures. By offering three curing options (standard power, high power and a new plasma mode), VALO has the ability to cure all types of restorations with the touch of a button. With a three-second time cycle and built-in two-second safety delay, VALO’s plasma mode has been said to rival plasma arc lights in its level of rapid cure. 

    “I have been using VALO for some time and I would not want to be without it”, said Dr. John Kanca. “No longer do you have to decide if you want a normal output, a high intensity output or the power of a PAC light. VALO has all of that in one light, and in a very light and compact unit. Its ability to produce the greatest amount of energy at distances up to 10 mm from the tooth is just amazing.” 

    VALO is engineered for both practitioner and patient well-being. It’s sleek, aerospace wand-style body is lightweight and exceptionally durable. The aluminum body has a sapphire like coating for a virtually scratch resistant surface. These features coupled with a low profile head resulted in a curing light that feels unlike any other. 

    VALO is the next wave in dental curing lights. For more information, please call 1-801-553-4243 or visit Ultradent online at ​

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  • Victoria L. Wallace, CDA, RDA Lectures at the Upcoming Florida National Dental Convention

    May 12, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Victoria L. Wallace of Ultradent Products, Inc., Certified Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Assistant since 1976, will be a featured presenter at the upcoming Florida National Dental Convention’s Clinical Assistant Mastery Program on June 18, 2009. Victoria’s lecture, “Totally Bonding: Do’s and Don’ts to Help Create the Ultimate Bond” will help the entire dental team improve their performance with bonding and troubleshooting existing issues. A composite hands-on exercise will be included to help with understanding of different resin systems. 

    Ms. Wallace has received tremendous praise as a consistent program lecturer for Ultradent’s Continuing Education series. She is widely recognized within the industry for her professionalism and personal growth. In 2006, she was the recipient of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) Sullivan-Schein 12th District Award of Excellence. Ms. Wallace also received the 2007 D. Kay Mosley Distinguish Service Award for her contributions to both the ADAA and the ADAAF. She is the Immediate Past President of the Nevada Dental Assistants Association and Southern Nevada Dental Assistant’s Society and has been an active member of the ADAA for 11 years. She has also participated on the ADAA Foundation Board of Directors for the past 6 years, currently serving as the Vice Chair. 

    Ms. Wallace started working for Ultradent Products, Inc. in 1996. Her current position is Major Accounts Manager for the West Coast and Nebraska Dental Schools and lecturer on Dental Products and Procedures. Ms. Wallace will be a guest speaker at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference on July 23-24, 2009 and the ADA/ADAA convention on October 2, 2009 among several other state dental association meetings in the next few months. 

    For more information, please contact Ultradent Products by visiting or call 1-800-552-5212. ​

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  • Ultradent Gets Social

    May 8, 2009

    Ultradent Products, Inc. gets social by joining in with millions of Internet socialites on Facebook and Twitter. Now “fans” and “followers” alike will be able to find out in seconds “What’s Ultradent doing right now”? 

    Ultradent’s Facebook home is filled with resources for the dental office including articles, techniques videos, links to podcasts and information on events. The pages provide a unique and dynamic forum for clinicians, customers and friends to share experiences. Friends can quickly become fans by searching for Ultradent’s pages (Ultradent Products, Inc., Opalescence and Ultradent Hygiene Products) or Dan Fischer. 

    And, by the way – Ultradent also “tweets”. Follow us for news bites about product roll-outs, events, and anything else happening in Ultradent’s global network. 

    Facebook and Twitter have helped reshape the way Ultradent connects with you so that, together, we can change the world one smile at a time. 

    Links to Facebook and Twitter can be found on in our press room. For more information, please call Ida Baghoomian at (801) 553-4243. ​

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  • Araraquara Dental School-UNESP & Int'l Univer. of Catalunya (Barcelona) Dept of Endodontics

    May 7, 2009 South Jordan, UTu

    Ultradent Products, Inc. recently announced dates of a seminar series presented by Dr. Renato Leonardo, Araraquara Dental School-UNESP Department of Endodontics Chairman. The lecture series, Technological Resources and Biological Concepts in Minimally Invasive Endodontics, will be presented as a hands-on working seminar. 

    Dr. Renato Leonardo is a graduate with a Masters in Endodontics and PhD in Pathology from the Araraquara Dental School-UNESP in Brazil. He is now licensed as the school’s Head and Chairman of the Department of Endodontics’s Masters and PhD programs and invited professor at International University of Catalunya (Barcelona). He is also a member of the Regional Board of Endodontics of São Paulo (Brazil) and Vice President of the Brazilian Society of Endodontics and a member of the American Association of Endodontics . Dr Leonardo has authored numerous articles in Qualis A Endodontic Journals, three published books and lectures extensively in fifty-eight countries, including the United States. 

    Dr. Leonardo’s courses address the progressive general practitioner with a minimally-invasive approach. Attendees will participate in an educational presentation and hands-on section with information on vital and non-vital pulp therapy, the Anatomic Endodontic Technology (A.E.T.) System and the Apical Delivered Obturation (A.D.O.) System. The lecture will illustrate hand, rotary and oscillatory instrumentation of the root canal system as well as root canal filling materials and techniques and retreatments. It will also discuss success criteria in Endodontics. 

    For more information on Dr. Leonardo’s lecture series, please visit us online at or call 1-800-552-5512. ​

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