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  • Reality Rates VALO with 5 Stars and a #1 Rating!

    June 16, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    Reality Esthetics, a publishing company with global recognition for dental industry ratings, announced its ranking of dental curing lights with Ultradent’s VALO taking 1st place! VALO received 5 stars for its clinical performance in Reality’s testing lab. 

    VALO’s strengths were described as “small, lightweight, ergonomic and stylish” yet “tough, durable, and scratch-resistant”. A curing light that “cures all materials”, evaluators added that VALO has a “cool design, with power to spare, and smart electronics that don’t require a PhD in engineering to understand”. 

    Considered the “bible of cosmetic dentistry”, Reality’s publications are viewed as an information resource with hands-on reviewer’s guides of tested products within the dental industry. Reality’s editorial team consists of clinicians and key educators who are considered leaders in their respective fields, which makes VALO’s 5 star, #1 rating as powerful as VALO itself! 

    For more information on VALO, please visit or call Ultradent’s customer service line at 801-552-5512. ​

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  • South Jordan Chamber of Commerce Announces Annual Award Winners

    April 23, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    The South Jordan Chamber of Commerce announced its annual award winners at the recent Annual Recognition Dinner presented by Rio Tinto. The awards recognize excellence and superior accomplishment by businesses and individuals serving South Jordan. 

    "South Jordan is blessed with many exemplary businesses and people who consistently go beyond normal requirements and achieve great things," said Chamber President Paul Pugmire. "Each of the award winners and each of the nominees are truly leaders. The Board of Directors and I congratulate each of the nominees and winners." 

    Award winners are: 

    - Ultradent, South Jordan Builder Award. This award recognizes the business demonstrating the most significant and meaningful increase in job opportunities during 2009. 

    - Dr. Denny Mack, South Jordan Dreamer Award. This award recognizes the business started in 2009 that demonstrates the most significant accomplishment as a new start-up. 

    - Energy Solutions, South Jordan Giver Award. This award recognizes the business demonstrating the most significant community involvement and support. 

    - Dr. Dale Hull of Neuroworx and Coach Dave Peck of Bingham High School, South Jordan Hero Award. This award recognizes the business or individual demonstrating the most significant acts of inspiration, leadership and service to others. 

    - Garbett Homes, South Jordan Living Award. This award recognizes the business demonstrating the best environmental sustainability practices in its operations. 

    - Kennecott Utah Copper, South Jordan Pillar Award. This award recognizes the business demonstrating the most significant all-around business excellence. 

    Nominations for awards were made by Chamber members, each of whom was asked and allowed to submit nominations. Nominees were not required to be members of the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce, but must impact South Jordan in the category in which they were nominated. Award winners were chosen by a committee of the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the general membership of the South Jordan Chamber. Award winners were presented with a crystal obelisk etched with their name and award category at the Annual Recognition Dinner presented by Rio Tinto. 

    The South Jordan Chamber of Commerce is a private business organization supported by its members. The mission of the South Jordan Chamber is "Advocate for a strong and vibrant business community in South Jordan."

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  • Ultradent Announces Exclusive Relationship with Shofu, Inc.

    April 22, 2010 Kyoto, Japan & UT, USA

    Ultradent Products, Inc. and its orthodontic division, Opal Orthodontics, today unveiled its exclusive relationship with Shofu, Inc., one of the largest international dental materials and equipment manufacturers with over 85 years of industry experience. Shofu, Inc. will be the exclusive distributor of Opal Orthodontics in Japan. 

    Founded in 1922 by Mr. Kajo Shofu III, a Japanese entrepreneur and researcher, Shofu, Inc. has a solid history with regional key opinion leaders and orthodontic specialists. Now a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shofu has remained one of the top manufacturers of superior dental products used by dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists with affiliate companies in the United States, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, and China. Shofu will be the exclusive distributor of Opal Orthodontics products in Japan. Ultradent Japan will continue with distribution for Ultradent’s dental products through a network of distributors in Japan. 

    Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin, a private consultant to Ultradent’s orthodontic division, has been an active proponent of the Shofu-Ultradent partnership. “It is a pleasure to renew my relationship with Shofu in Japan under a new umbrella with a quality innovator of orthodontic products like Ultradent,” said Dr McLaughlin. “Dr. Masatada Koga, a recognized orthodontic expert, and I share a history of working in tandem to educate Shofu customers on advanced orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and patient care. Ultradent will add more depth with its long history of continuing education and the development of quality, innovative orthodontic products. ” 

    Dr. McLaughlin's passion for continuous improvement of the pre-adjusted appliance is what drew him to Ultradent and Dr. Dan Fischer, its president and founder. Last year, Dr. McLaughlin partnered with Opal Orthodontics as an advocate and consultant, helping to lead the global orthodontic education program and as a contributor to new product development and design. In the first quarter of 2010, Dr. McLaughlin represented Ultradent at a continuing education course in Japan, educating over 200 orthodontists on case studies related to the Opal Orthodontics system. 

    For more information on the partnership between Shofu, Inc. and Ultradent Products, Inc., please contact Hiroshi Kaji at Ultradent Japan at or Mr. Masaru Miyajima at Shofu, Inc. at 

    About Ultradent Products, Inc. 
    Ultradent Products, Inc., is a leading developer of high-tech dental materials, devices and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s mission is to improve the level of dental healthcare and to make dental procedures more predictable and hassle-free. Consistent with its mission, Ultradent works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. More information about Ultradent, call (800) 552-5512 or visit 

    About Shofu, Inc. 
    Shofu, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and has remained one of the top manufacturers of superior dental products in the global market. They contribute to world dentistry through providing creative and innovative products. Shofu, Inc. is endeavoring to fulfill its obligations in the field of dental technology as a globally active corporation. Their aim is to put a smile on your face. Shofu, Inc. received CE marking of ISO13485, International Organization for Standardization, for dental equipment and ISO14001, for Environmental management systems. Their mission is not only to be a quality innovator but also to conserve the environment. For more information about Shofu, Inc., please visit ​

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  • Ultradent Products, Inc. To Host the Serenade of the Seas

    April 13, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent Products, Inc. plans a “Serenade of the Seas” for a unique Continuing Education experience in June 2010. Participants will enjoy a Royal Caribbean cruise through Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten and the US Virgin Islands while learning about how to bring success into their dental practice. 

    Ultradent’s Caribbean cruise will feature Drs. James Jesse and Ron Kaminer. They’ll address “Solutions for Success: A Team Approach”, a one-day course which offers 7 CE credit hours. It’s designed to change the way a team thinks and operates to boost overall success. Topics of the course include minimally invasive dentistry (endodontics, oral surgery and bone grafting), cone beam scanning, innovations in Cariology, state-of-the-art hygiene and patient compliance to name a few. Offering 7 CE hours of credit, the program is recommended for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and office managers. 

    This tropical journey takes place June 6-13, 2010 departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The seminar fee is $995.00 (with special discounts for teams of 3 or more). The Serenade of the Seas is a ship full of exciting features such as a rock-climbing wall, basketball court, casino, Indian-themed solarium and a full host of opportunities to drink, read, eat and relax. For more information on either seminar, please visit us online at or call 1-800-520-6640. ​

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  • Dazzle them with an “Opalescence Smile” in 15 minutes!

    March 2, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    “Opalescence Smiles” will dazzle around the world with the addition of Ultradent Products, Inc.’s latest innovation to its family of powerful tooth whitening systems - Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15%; a pre-filled disposable whitening system with trays featuring a 15 minute wear time! 

    Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15% consists of a hydrogen peroxide gel complete with the benefits of Opalescence PF technology. The signature pre-filled, disposable Trèswhite trays are worn for 15 minutes a day. Because of the extra whitening power of the 15% gel, results will be visible within the first few applications. 

    “We’re adding Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15% to our family to meet the changing needs of our customers and to continue innovation in the world of whitening,” said Dr. Dan Fischer, Ultradent’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The 15% formulation only requires a 15-minute application so that even patients with very active lifestyles can benefit from an Opalescence fueled smile”. 

    Each Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15% kit contains 20 whitening trays, 10 upper and 10 lower. Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme’s spa-designed packaging provides superior stability and shelf life with an air-tight seal. 

    It’s time to dazzle them! Call us today for a free sample or for more information about Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme 15% at (800)552-5512, or visit us online at or​

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  • Ultradent Collects Voluntary Employee Donations for Haiti Relief

    February 9, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    In response to the evolving humanitarian crisis that resulted from the recent earthquake in Haiti, Ultradent launched a voluntary program to provide employees with the option of donating funds to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief. Ultradent will match employee donations with a dollar-for-dollar contribution. 

    "What’s happened in Haiti is tragic and deserves the attention of anyone in a position to provide support”, said Dr. Dan Fischer, President/CEO of Ultradent Products. “Ultradent employees have always been generous in helping those in need. Because we had such an overwhelming response from management and their employees, we set up a fund to allow voluntary pre-tax contributions”. 

    Details of the program have been shared with more than 900 employees throughout Ultradent’s international network. Since the program’s launch, Ultradent employees have generously donated thousands of dollars to help the American Red Cross and its partners assist those affected by this disaster. ​

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  • Ultradent Rewards Loyalty with Greater Benefits

    January 26, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent has started the new year with “family” in mind. Members of the Ultradent Elite program, our extended family, have experienced the benefits of membership within our exclusive loyalty program for the last few years. As a thank you for continued loyalty, we’ve added new benefits to this program, including exclusive promotions, streamlined services and enlightening continuing education experiences. 

    “Ultradent has shared the benefit of loyalty with our Ultradent Elite members for the last 8 years”, said Ultradent’s Director of Customer Relationship Marketing, Mary Lou Lettig. “Enhancing our ‘family’ benefits is our way of saying thank you for continuing to invest in our future together”. 

    To find out more about Ultradent Elite’s new membership categories (Silver, Gold and Platinum) please call 888-230-1420. Customer service representatives will explain exclusive promotions as well as how to qualify for the next program status level. Membership status can be viewed online at ​

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  • Ultradent Supports NCOHF Mission to Eliminate Pediatric Dental Disease

    January 22, 2010 Charlotte, NC

    (Charlotte, NC—January 22) Ultradent Products, Inc. recently donated dental products valued at more than $22,000 to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) to provide vital dental treatment for underserved children across the country.  

    In addition to generous underwriting of operational expenses since 2006, Ultradent has provided more than $107,000 in donated products to the national NCOHF Affiliate network of nonprofit healthcare programs working tirelessly in local communities to combat America’s oral health epidemic. Four NCOHF Affiliates benefited from the latest product donation from Ultradent, allowing these facilities to expand and enhance preventive and restorative services for children in their area suffering from pediatric dental disease. 

    Dr. Dan Fischer, CEO and President of Ultradent said, “Ultradent is proud to be a part of NCOHF’s fight to eliminate pediatric dental disease. We are dedicated to improving the oral health of all Americans, including those who cannot help themselves – like the underserved children benefiting each day from NCOHF programs and services.” 

    “Millions of children across our country are in dental pain so severe it impacts their ability to eat, sleep, and learn,” said Fern Ingber, NCOHF’s President and CEO. “Ultradent has long been an invaluable partner to NCOHF and we are honored to work with a corporation that shares our commitment to ensure all children have the necessary building blocks for healthy, happy and productive futures.” 

    About Ultradent 
    Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer of high-tech dental and hygiene materials, devices and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s mission is to improve the level of oral healthcare and to make dental procedures more predictable and hassle-free. Consistent with its mission, Ultradent works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call (800) 552-5512 or visit 

    About National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) 
    National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy (NCOHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness of the #1 chronic childhood illness: pediatric dental disease, facilitating delivery of comprehensive pediatric oral health services, and eliminating this preventable disease from future generations. NCOHF draws on vast national resources to secure and distribute product and financial donations along with innovative preventive programs to a growing network of not-for-profit university and community based dental clinics, health centers, and mobile programs throughout America. 
    For more information about NCOHF, please visit 

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  • Ultradent Products, Inc. Takes CE to the Tropics

    January 6, 2010 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent takes Continuing Education to the tropics this February with two exciting programs in Cancun and Jamaica! Participants will enjoy a beach paradise complete with resort entertainment while learning about the hottest topics in dentistry. 

    February’s program takes place in Cancun on February 1-4, 2010 at the Beach Palace Resort. Offering 16 CE hours of credit, Ultradent’s seminar will feature Drs. Malcmacher, Jose-Luis Ruiz and Jaimee Morgan in an entertaining and educational format on the topics of tooth preparation for adhesively-retained, direct-bonded composite restorations, new income generators for a practice’s cosmetic segment and how to integrate new business concepts such as less-than-an-hour tooth whitening, no-prep porcelain veneers and resin bonding into a practice. This program is recommended for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and office managers. 

    The tropical journey continues in Montego Bay as the Jamaica Dental Association hosts its 46th annual dental convention on February 10-13, 2010 at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. Ultradent’s program will feature Drs. Jaimee Morgan, Stan Presley, Robert Genco, Stanley F. Malamed, Barbara Steinberg, Joseph Massa, Jaleena Fischer-Jessop and Ultradent’s President/CEO, Dr. Dan Fischer, who will address how to meet the needs of the underserved in a downturned economy. Other topics will include periodontal disease and systemic illness, emergency medicine and a team approach to treatment, to name a few. Please visit for program details or contact Dr. Sandra Hill-Cameron at (876) 968 8101 or 

    Join Ultradent this winter for a tropical CE journey! For more information on either seminar, please visit us online at or call 1-800-552-5512. ​

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  • Utah Food Bank Congratulates Ultradent Employees for Successful Food Drive

    December 3, 2009 South Jordan, UT

    Ultradent employees awarded Utah Bank representatives the largest check and food donation in Ultradent’s partnership with the organization last week. Executive Director, Jim Pugh, and PR specialist, Jessica Pugh of the Utah Food Bank accepted a donation of 4336 pounds of canned goods and a check for over $7000.000 dollars which resulted from an employee food challenge with Swire Coca-Cola.  

    “I’m so proud of the Ultradent team”, said Ultradent’s President/CEO, Dr. Dan Fischer. “Ultradent employees were able to double their donations from last year. A big congrats to the team for making the Utah Food Bank Drive Challenge a success! This is particularly important in a time when charities have been struggling because of economic difficulties” 

    The Utah Food Bank’s mission for 2009 is to collect 1.6 million pounds of food and 28,000 turkeys for distribution to emergency food pantries across the state by December 24th. Their goal is to work with the local community to help compensate for the 30 percent increase in food requests from food pantries and agencies. Ultradent’s contribution will be used to provide 3,386 meals for local families. 

    For more information, please contact the human resources departments at Ultradent by calling 1-800-552-5512 or by visiting us at 

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