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VALO® Curing Light Accessories

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Product Details

VALO LED curing light's versatility is expanded by several functional accessories. Magnetic lenses are particularly helpful, facilitating specific curing procedures and extending VALO curing light's uses. All VALO curing light's lenses are secured to the VALO head by a strong magnet inside the lens housing and are compatible with both VALO and VALO Cordless.

VALO curing light accessories include:

  • PointCure lens
  • TransLume lenses
  • ProxiCure Ball lenses
  • Black Light lens
  • EndoGuide lens
  • Mounting bracket

Note: Lenses are not yet available for the VALO® Grand light.

Indications for Use

VALO and VALO Cordless Accessories

​See the Technical Details section for each accessory’s specific indications.


VALO® Curing Light Accessories

PointCure Lens

For pinpoint curing of small composites or tack curing veneers.

TransLume Lenses

For detecting cracks and other abnormalities.

ProxiCure Ball Lenses

For building convex proximal contacts.

Black Light Lens

For detecting fluorescent particles in resins.

EndoGuide Lens

For endodontic procedures, including apical retrofills and other cases where a narrow light guide is needed.

Mounting Bracket

For easy storage of VALO and VALO Cordless.

Technical Details

PointCure Lens

Use the PointCure lens for tacking all-porcelain veneers and crowns, bonding endodontic fiber posts, and diagnostic transillumination of teeth. Transillumination helps in detecting fractures, cracks, or defects in teeth by illuminating the teeth from the lingual, making shadows observable. We recommend using VALO’s Standard Power mode during this procedure to take advantage of the full 20 seconds of illumination.

For tack curing veneers, the high power mode with a 1-second timing interval allows you to cure the center of a veneer or crown then clean up the uncured excess around the margins. After cleaning the margins, cure the restoration using the full-sized curing lens. For all-porcelain crowns, place the curing light on the occlusal surface and cure using the high power mode for at least 2 seconds. For posts that transmit light, insert the post into the canal prefilled with cement, then position the lens on the VALO and place directly on top of the post and direct the light into and through the post. We recommend you cure through the post for 20 seconds using the standard power mode. If you are using an opaque or dark-colored cement, a second curing cycle may be required.

TransLume Lenses (Green and Orange)

The green lens aids in locating and demonstrating cracks and subsurface differences. The penetrating ability of the orange lens shows the obstruction to light caused by posts or internal bubbles.

ProxiCure Ball Lenses

ProxiCure Ball lenses facilitate the building of convex proximal contacts. The imprint is easily filled with composite in a second step. Push the ProxiCure Ball lens against the interproximal wall of the band; do not submerge in composite.

Black Light Lens

The Black Light lens is used to detect fluorescent particles in resins for easy differentiation from natural enamel.

EndoGuide Lens

The EndoGuide Lens is ideal for use in apical retrofills and other narrow preparations.

Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket can be used for VALO and VALO Cordless. It mounts to any surface.


  • How concentrated does the light become with the PointCure lens attached?

    The light is focused to a 2.5mm aperture, which makes it ideal for tacking veneers and all-porcelain crowns.
  • How long do veneers and crowns need to be tack cured with the PointCure lens?

    For veneers, a 1-second tack cure with VALO on high power mode is all you need. For all-porcelain crowns, a 2-second cure with VALO on high power mode from the occlusal surface is sufficient in most cases.

  • Can TransLume lenses be used for curing?


  • How should the various lenses be cleaned?

    Cold disinfect the lenses using any surface disinfectant. Do not use an ultrasonic to clean the lenses. Do not autoclave.
  • My VALO Cordless doesn’t fit in the wall mount I received. What do I do?

    The wall mount will fit both the VALO and VALO Cordless. Because the VALO Cordless has a larger wand body, it needs to be stored upside down in the wall bracket.
  • How do the lenses attach to the VALO?

    Each lens is magnetically attached to the head of the light. The magnet is strong enough for a secure attachment, but still allows for easy detachment at the right time.