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Opalescence Boost - NO LIGHT NEEDED

There are so many reasons to use Opalescence Boost!

With Opalescence Boost, you don’t need a light to make your patient’s smile shine. No matter where your patients are in the whitening treatment cycle, Opalescence Boost is a great way to get a bright, white smile—fast.

Jump Start

Your patients will love the immediate results of beginning whitening treatments with Opalescence Boost!

Finish Up

Use it as the final touch, especially for before and after photos, to give your patients dazzling results!


Do you have patients who have whitened before, but just want a little touch-up? Opalescence Boost is your answer.

For Any Occasion

A bright, beautiful smile is a must for any special occasion. With just two applications of Opalescence Boost, your patients can look their best for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, a new school year, reunions, and more!

Reveal brilliant, award-winning smiles
with just two 20-minute treatments.

Befre and After images Boost Syringe

Get Opalescence Boost today!

Boost Syringe