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Endo-Eze Genius® System

Reciprocation/Rotary Operating System
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Product Details

The Endo-Eze Genius system is an endodontic system that gives you both the safety of reciprocation movement and the efficiency of rotary movement. The Genius endodontic motor, contra-angle, and files are designed to work together as a complete system.

Endo-Eze™ Genius® Motor

The Genius endodontic motor is designed for reciprocating and rotary files. An adaptable, easy-to-use motor, it is perfect for any endodontic procedure as it provides the safety of reciprocation and the efficiency of rotary movement. The Genius motor has various torque settings and quiet, smooth, adjustable speeds. The auto-stop settings interrupt movement when a set torque limit is reached to help prevent file separation.

  • Moves easily between reciprocating and rotary movement
  • Includes pre-programmed settings for the Endo-Eze Genius files
  • Features torque-controlled Auto Reverse in rotary mode
  • Features varying contra-angle reduction ratios
  • Allows adjustable degrees in reciprocation mode

Endo-Eze™ Genius® 8:1 Contra-Angle

The Genius 8:1 contra-angle is designed to work with the Genius motor. This contra-angle enables endodontic files to reach the required speeds for any procedure.

  • Perfect match to the Genius electric motor
  • Small head gives the best possible access to the treatment site
  • Push button makes file changes quick and easy
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle
  • High-end steel ball bearings give accurate, precise movement and a quiet procedure
  • Autoclavable

Endo-Eze™ Genius® Files

Genius files are compatible with both reciprocating and rotating movement—allowing the clinician both the safety of reciprocation and the efficiency of rotary during every endodontic procedure. We recommend using the Genius files with the Genius endodontic motor, which has pre-programmed settings designed specifically for Genius files.

  • Compatible with both reciprocation and rotary movements
  • Operate ideally in the 90º/30º reciprocation movement provided by the Genius motor
  • Allow the clinician to complete most procedures with just two files
  • Provide multiple finishing options
  • Perfect for both treatment and retreatment

Endo-Eze Genius® Gutta Percha Points

Genius gutta percha points perfectly match 
the tip diameter and taper created by the Endo-Eze Genius® file system. They are injection-molded rather than hand-rolled to provide a consistently accurate diameter and taper, and are formulated with nano-particles to allow for less volumetric change.

2016 Dentistry Today Reader's Choice Top 25 Endodontic Products

Indications for Use

Endo-Eze Genius System

​Use the Genius endodontic motor and the Genius contra-angle with the Genius files to clean and shape the canal for any endodontic procedure.

Technical Details

The Genius System Allows for Both Reciprocation and Rotary Movement

​Studies show that reciprocating movement can reduce cyclic and torsional file fatigue, while rotary movement removes debris more efficiently. The Genius motor, with the Genius contra-angle and Genius files, utilizes a new system that allows for reciprocation and rotary movement to minimize the risk of file separation while efficiently cleaning the debris from the canal.

Reciprocation and Rotary Movements

​In the 90º/30º reciprocation setting, Genius files safely create access to the working length while minimizing cyclic and torsional fatigue. In the 360º rotation setting, the files refine the canal walls while shaping and removing the debris from the canal.

Genius File Construction

Constructed of thermal-treated NiTi alloy, Genius files have improved flexibility and resistance to navigate the canal while efficiently cleaning out the debris. The .04 taper of each Genius file reduces the risk of separation, excessive removal of dentin, and dentin cracks to allow for a safer, smoother procedure. An S cross section design features double right positive cutting action for both reciprocation and rotary action. The progressive pitch of the file prevents the “screw-in” effect, and the enhanced flutes improves debris removal for more efficient cleaning. Each Genius file features a safe, non-cutting tip with an anti-blocking “pencil point” shape.


  • ​“The new Genius system is FANTASTIC! I know this was an easy case (one canal premolar), but the filing sequence went very fast. Much faster and easier than TiLOS® would have been. So far I am loving this new system. A quantum leap ahead of TiLOS, which was a great system."

    Dr. Matthew Bickel, DMD – Turnersville, New Jersey


  • How is the Endo-Eze Genius System different from other endodontic systems?

    ​The Endo-Eze Genius system is compatible with both reciprocation and rotary movement, allowing for a safe, efficient procedure. The Genius file system also gives multiple finishing options for final enlargement, and can be used for both treatment and retreatment. Plus, most procedures can be completed using just two files.

  • Can I only use the Genius endodontic motor with the Genius files?

    ​Genius files can be used with any endodontic motor in rotation mode, but are specifically designed to be used with the Genius motor. The Genius motor features pre-programmed settings for the Genius files, and provides both reciprocation and rotary movements.