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Riitano Access Burs

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Product Details

The Riitano Access Bur kit creates ideal access preparation for root canal therapies. With protective features such as safe ends and upstroke-only cutting, they are safe as well as systematic and thorough.

The kit includes five diamond burs: the straight line access bur, button bur, small acorn bur, large acorn bur, and the round carbide bur.

  • Acorn burs remove roof and pulp horns as they are withdrawn—cutting only on the upstroke
  • The safe-end button bur enlarges lateral access to the pulp chamber and canal orifices
  • The straight line access bur offers rectification, improving access to canals

Indications for Use

Riitano Access Burs

​Ultradent's Riitano Access Burs create optimal openings for root canal therapy.

Technical Details

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

​Since the burs have a variety of shapes and sizes, each bur in the set plays an important part in accessing the coronal third.

Safe-Ended Burs

​Each bur is designed to prevent damage to the pulpal floor/furcation area.


Riitano Access Burs

  1. 1

    ​Use the round bur for initial access to pulp chamber.

  2. 2

    ​Enlarge lateral access with the tapered button bur.

  3. 3

    ​The acorn burs, small and large, remove chamber roof and pulp horns by only cutting on the upstroke.

  4. 4

    ​Improve the access to the canals with the straight line access bur. Take care to remove the minimum amount of dentin required.


  • Can the bur block be heat disinfected?

    ​No. Heat disinfection will melt the bur block. We recommend disinfecting the bur block with Isopropanol alcohol.

  • Are the burs autoclavable?