Amelogen Plus


What makes Amelogen Plus the ideal companion?

Amelogen Plus displays exceptional handling capabilities with a creamy texture that moves under pressure during placement but does not slump or drift when in place. Combine this with the fact that Amelogen Plus will not stick to instruments, and you’ll see why it makes the ideal companion for all Edelweiss composite veneer restorations.

Simple, innovative delivery

The ergonomic contra-angle compules included in each Edelweiss kit allow for accurate delivery through a composite gun. For the clinician who prefers delivery through a syringe, Amelogen Plus is also available in 2.5g syringes.

Intuitive shade system

Combining shades of Amelogen Plus allows you to replicate the depth of color found in natural teeth, so you can easily match the teeth adjacent to the restoration.

Amelogen® Plus shades

Each Edelweiss kit contains six shades of Amelogen Plus: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, Neutral, and Super Light. If a particular restoration requires a shade that's not included in the Edelweiss kit, you can order additional shades directly from Ultradent.

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