Ultradent’s Tooth Fairy Program

Redeem extracted teeth for credit towards Ultradent’s high-quality products!

Program Details

Cash for Teeth

We will credit your account with $1.00 for each usable tooth we receive

In order for Ultradent to develop the quality dental products that we provide, it is necessary that many products be tested on human teeth.

With this in mind, and for your convenience, we have set up a simple process whereby you can dispose of and redeem extracted teeth for cash credit. This credit can be used to purchase Ultradent products. We will supply you with 50 ml bottles of .05% Chlorhexidine Gluconate* solution for safe storage and shipping. For each usable tooth** you send us, we will credit your Ultradent account with $1.00 toward future purchases of Ultradent products.

To order your bottles for the program, please contact us at 801.552.5512 ext. 4180 or anita.raisch@ultradent.com. We appreciate your contribution.

*Chlorhexidine Gluconate is a decontaminant that conforms to OSHA standards and state laws for shipping teeth. Specific bio-hazard or color-coded labeling is not required under OSHA requirements.

**Usable teeth include whole adult teeth without root canals or major decay. Teeth should be unbroken with the coronal portion significantly intact. Teeth with small fillings or small- to medium-sized decay are acceptable.