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  • ViscoStat IndiSpense syringe
  • ViscoStat syringe


20% Ferric Sulfate
  • Causes profound hemostasis
  • Stops bleeding in seconds, saving chair time
  • Provides unsurpassed kindness to hard and soft tissues
  • Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
  • Decreases costly impression remakes​
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  • Kit Types

    ​​Select the ViscoStat® kit type that best meets your needs. You can purchase kits through our online store or by calling 1.888.230.1420. To request additional information about any kit, click the corresponding “Request Info” link.

  • Product Details

    ViscoStat hemostatic is a 20% ferric sulfate equivalent solutions with inert binding agents in a viscous, aqueous vehicle. Both have a pH of ~1.0 and contain patented, fumed silica to limit the acidic activity, making them kind to hard and soft tissue.
    • Causes profound hemostasis
    • Stops bleeding in seconds, saving chair time
    • Provides unsurpassed kindness to hard and soft tissues
    • Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
    • Decreases costly impression remakes

    This hemostatic solution is suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures to arrest surface capillary bleeding. Such procedures include fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, periodontal treatment, etc. ViscoStat is also recommended for retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a “fixative” for pulpotomies. ViscoStat can also be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures. Soak an Ultrapak cord in hemostatic and isolate the tissues, following with a firm air/water spray. 




  • Instructions

    ​Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve optimal results with ViscoStat®.  

  • Procedures

    Tissue Management Technique Step by Step

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    1. 1

      ​Burnish the hemostatic agents firmly against the sulcus until bleeding stops. (No more coagulum forms.)
    2. 2

      ​A blunt, bent cannula with padded "scrub brush" enables infusing and cleaning in the cut sulcus.
    3. 3

      ​Apply firm air/water spray to remove residual coagulum and test tissue for quality, profound hemostasis. If bleeding continues, repeat infusion technique.
    4. 4

      ​After complete hemostasis has been reached, excellent retraction is achieved through the use of Ultrapak knitted cord.
    Products used in this procedure:


    • ​I can't live without ViscoStat because it takes seconds to save an hour and stops the bleeding when nothing else will. Now I don't have to re-prep for impressions.
      Dr. Jeffrey Stratford-Jones - Ventura, CA
    • [ViscoStat] is convenient, dependable, and effective in bothersome clinical bleeding situations. It is the product of choice when others fail to do the job.
      Dr. Daniel Sweet - Colvis, CA
    • ​Ultrapak helps you get great impressions the first time! It is easy to pack, and when used with ViscoStat it is an unbelievable combination for a dry sulcus and a clear impression. So much detail even a patient could trim the die!
      Dr. Nick AbuJamra - Green Bay, WI
    • ​ViscoStat has allowed me to take clean, dry, accurate impressions even in some of the most hemorrhagic situations. Thank you! I appreciate it, my lab man appreciates it, and my patients appreciate it. The mint flavor is a great improvement also.
      Dr. Monte Person - Fresno, CA
    • ​ViscoStat can stop bleeding on the cervical area of a crown prep like nothing else I have ever seen! It is a miracle solution! I wish I knew how many thousands of hours it has saved me over the years. Thank you, Ultradent!
      Dr. Scott J. Hadley - Haxtun, CO
    • ​Controlling bleeding is almost an everyday procedure. To improve fine impressions of crown margins I rely on ViscoStat to control bleeding, leaving a dry open field for impression material.
      Dr. Bertram Chodorov - Melbourne, FL
    • Without a doubt I would be lost without ViscoStat! It quickly stops sulcular bleeding, allowing me to place the Ultrapak )) cord and get an excellent impression on the first try. It is also great to use when bonding composites near gingival tissues. ViscoStat is a vital part of my crown prep and composite armamentarium.
      Dr. Julie Ann Routhier - Savannah, GA
    • ​I use ViscoStat in my practice on an almost daily basis--in fact, it's a product that is a MUST HAVE for me! It's absolutely vital when seating crowns. After removing the temporary crowns and doing try-in of the definitive crowns I always use ViscoStat to control the gum tissue hemorrhage. It works absolutely AMAZING and provides a clean, dry field for me to deliver the crowns without compromising the marginal integrity as the cement cures!
      Dr. Todd W. Hohlen - Lincoln, NE

    Indications for Use

    ViscoStat, Astringedent, & Astringedent X

    For use in arresting various degrees of oral capillary bleeding or sulcular fluids during dental treatment and oral surgery including: fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, and periodontal treatment. Astringedent or ViscoStat may also be used for retrofillings, tooth impactions, gingivectomies and as a "fixative" for pulpotomies.
    Astringedent X is used in situations requiring more profound hemostasis and is not as gentle to the tissues as the ViscoStat and regular Astringedent, yet is gentler than other iron sulfate solutions. NOTE: Diluted Astringedent X does not equal ViscoStat or Astringedent.
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